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139 # 3283
Influence of mineral fertilizer and compost on yield and chemical composition with willow

The aim of this work was to determine the effect of compost and mineral fertilization on yield and chemical composition with willow in a three-year field experiment. Experiment was conducted on three plots, each with an area of 58,8 m 2, on the soil granulometric composition of loamy sand, according to the following scheme: control object, the object with mineral NPK fertilizer and compost from the facility. Each plot was divided into two parts, in which two clones were planted willows. After the first and third years of experience, identified the principal and yield of plants sampled. In the first year of study there were no significant differences in yield between clones of willows and the application of NPK and compost compared to the control. In the third year of the experiment, marked by a significant increase in yield, both by using compost and mineral fertilization. Contents examined macronutrients and trace elements in willow varied widely depend-ing on: maple, the test element, the year of collection samples and applied fertilizer.

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