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111 # 2462
Acoustic and mechanical properties of potato chips
111 # 2469
Texture changes during storage in different conditions of acidic cottage cheeses obtained using conventional method
111 # 2468
The impact of raw material composition on textural haracteristics of milk chocolates
130 # 2993
Mechanical properties of the texture of biscuit on fat dough
131 # 3085
Influence of heat treatment on the quality of courgette
138 # 3233
Influence of porosity on textural properties of wheat extrudates
141 # 3352
Effect of the pores distribution in transverse section on textural property of cereal extrudate
69 # 830
Application of buckwheat seeds to manufacturing the low-fat fine minced meat products
69 # 855
Evaluation of texture of cured meat products with different functional additives under industrial conditions
69 # 869
Influence of thermal treatment type on changes in carrot texture
69 # 857
Influence of thermostatic processing on changes in texture of carrot subjected to thermal treatment by different methods
69 # 847
Mechanical and acoustic properties of Dry cereal products
69 # 824
Texture and colours of selected meat products with the addition of transglutaminase
70 # 1184
Modeling of texture qualities for wheat bakery using a surface colors change dynamics indicator during thermal treatment
71 # 1468
Influence of texture stabilizing of minced meat mass on the possible application in the convenience food manufacturing
71 # 1453
The effect of partial fat substitution for nutritive cellulose on the texture and sensory features of minced sausages
78 # 50
Mechanical properties of crunchy/crispy cakes
82 # 235
Changes in the texture of the processed meat products stored in modified atmosphere
82 # 261
Texture parametrs of non-glutene sponge cake with addition of chosen raising agents
93 # 1829
A sensory assessment of crisp bread texture with varied water activity
93 # 1861
An analysis of eefect of selected structure-generating factors on the quality of bi-fertal products
93 # 1860
Changes in texture of selected meat products as a function of the type of used additional substance
93 # 1839
The influence of raising agent on selected texture properties of semi-flaky pastry
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