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105 # 2283
Software supporting field tests on sugar beet cultivation
115 # 2542
Efficiency of compressor heat pump (air-water) after modernisation of guiding system for lower heat source
117 # 2579
Diagnostic vehicle suspension testing in the aspect of changes in operating parameters
117 # 2603
The impact of tractor engine injection system wear on exhaust gas temperature in field conditions
120 # 2709
Recovery process assessment for selected wastes from operation of automotive vehicles on the example of Moto-Pols company
122 # 2784
Usability of the process of protection of plants by means of field spraying machines
124 # 2841
The extension of the life of combined cultivator teeth
126 # 2930
Evaluation of exhaust gas smokiness for tractor engine supplied with selected fuels in field service
136 # 3173
Analysis of the course of an automatic dosing process of the chosen poultry fodder ingredients in industrial conditions
137 # 3210
Analysis of the course of a dosing process of the fodder elements
137 # 3196
Certification research and operating conditions of the diesel engine work
154 # 3650
The requirement for new biomass pelletizing test device
28 # 1615
Sub grade with the cell - mattress strengthening
28 # 1612
Testing of reinforce men effects of road retaining wall
53 # 587
Assessment of rheologic properties of plant materials with high water content
71 # 1429
Characteristics of instrumental methods for testing mechanical properties of selected fruits and vegetables
74 # 1261
Analysing models using in designing and verification of the construction of agricultural rollers of 9, 12 and 15 m width
77 # 26
Application potential of non-parametric statistical tests in aspect of rating of the differentiation of separated particles
79 # 111
Compression strength changes for parsley dried using different methods
87 # 368
Optimization of the process involving distinguishing rock and potato tuber mix elements by the acoustic emission method
93 # 1859
Analisys of mechanical-abrasive-corrosive wear in sugar factories
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