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117 # 2579
Diagnostic vehicle suspension testing in the aspect of changes in operating parameters
118 # 2631
Vector graphics from the perspective of information systems supporting agricultural consulting and teaching process
119 # 2660
The use of soil channel for the study of working sets of tools and drive gears
123 # 2825
Construction of a station for testing of energy aspects of composting of biomass of agricultural origin
126 # 2928
Verification of mineral ingredients content in feed mixes
19 # 989
Impact of working speed on wear intensity of construction materials in the soil
21 # 473
Preliminary evaluation of the Horsch CO 6.25 drill for direct sowing
21 # 502
Some remarks concerning compulsory test procedures for the field sprayers
31 # 1664
Learning effectiveness ofneuronal net onto needs of opinion of agricultural machine technical state
31 # 1654
System electronic Technician ET for the calibration and modification of the electronic control modules ECM and for the diagnostic and scientific investigations of tractors and machines
71 # 1460
Comparison of electric energy generation within 1995-2002 in selected provinces
71 # 1448
Method to determine the optimum moisture content of buckwheat grain provided to flaking
71 # 1464
Methods evaluating the homogenity of feed mixtures
74 # 1260
Modern methods of agricultural machine designing and veryfication
77 # 5
Application of modeling, computer simulation and validation method in the new agricultural machine implementation
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