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100 # 2095
The idea and construction of a ground heat exchanger as an element of dwelling-house ventilation system
104 # 2230
Renewable sources of energy used in communes of Opolskie Voivodeship
107 # 2301
Structural system of a building and the risk of thermal stress occurrence for milk cows
107 # 2317
Using of the Mamdani models to predict daily loads of rural power networks
108 # 2359
Biomass versus agriculture
109 # 2403
Analysis of resistance heating progress for a spiral using film-making techniques
110 # 2451
Using the Takagi–Sugeno models for short-term forecasting of rural consumers’ demand for electric energy
114 # 2505
Fuzzy models of power demand for the purposes of short-term predicting of electric energy consumption in the country. Part I. Algorithms used to determine fuzzy models
114 # 2506
Fuzzy models of power demand for the purposes of short-term predicting of electric energy consumption in the country. Part II. Development of predictive relationship models
115 # 2559
Fixed date for harvesting and freezing procedure in the process of acquiring sweet corn grain for food production purposes
118 # 2635
Limitation of heat consumption in greenhouses
119 # 2688
Determination of critical pressure values on the basis of multiple one-axial soil compaction tests
129 # 2966
Theoretical analysis of mechanical meat cutting process in thermodynamic aspect
138 # 3237
Bean seeds processing in the non-water and osmotic environment
138 # 3235
Thermal quarantine of stored apples and its influence on changes in mechanical properties of fruit flesh
145 # 3421
Data preprocessing effect on the quality of short-term forecast of electricity demand
145 # 3426
The use of thermovision in the study of thermal distribution within the plastic tunnels equipped with heat accumulators
147 # 3509
Terminology in agricultural engineering in the second decade of the XXI century
152 # 3612
Impact of thermal bridges on thermal properties of the new-type piggeries structures
152 # 3627
The use of the Scilab software with a RTAI extension for prototyping a temperature controller of the thermal biomass processing installation
16 # 776
Technological factors and physical properties of buckwheat grain in its processing into groats
19 # 992
Effect of hydro-thermal treatment on hydration and texture of peas
19 # 987
Some problems of precision farming
28 # 1609
Buildings partitions while thermal modernization works at country livable buildings
28 # 1614
Thermal insulating power of partitions at country houses in community of Szczurowa
31 # 1662
Possibility of enlargement of technical prognoses exactitude obtained by use ofartificial neuronal net
33 # 660
Hydrothermal processes in production technology for barley flakes
33 # 680
The influence of cultivation and harvest time of the naked form of spring barley on binding force of grain with ear
36 # 1047
Long-term forecasting of elektroenergetic needs in rural communies
36 # 1066
Short-term forecast of the electric energy selling to consumers in rural communies
41 # 572
Local council’s capabilities in executing and financing infrastructural investments
41 # 571
Long-term investment plan in the Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca commune
45 Tom I # 1113
Thermal parameters analysis of internal partitions as to the share in the building body
53 # 574
Selected application of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals for illustrating heat and optical phenomena
60 # 1563
Biodegradable biopolymers: materials for packaging
60 # 1557
Length of the pneumatic pipe in the process thermal expanding of millet seede in hot air stream
60 # 1573
Physical properties of starchy packaging film
60 # 1558
Simulation of the process of thermal expanding of millet seeds in hot air stream
61 # 1181
Influence of internal modernization of the casing surfaceon the resultant temperature in a fattening house
61 # 1178
The influence of local atmospheric conditions on the efficiency of liquid plate sollar collectors
69 # 822
Influence of heat treatment on carrot colour parameters
69 # 869
Influence of thermal treatment type on changes in carrot texture
69 # 857
Influence of thermostatic processing on changes in texture of carrot subjected to thermal treatment by different methods
69 # 852
Sensory evaluation of cereal products which were applied to hydro-thermal and thermal processing
70 # 1186
Measuring technique of temperature of fast-changeable processes
71 # 1436
Effectivnes of seeds’ expanding process in the stream of hot air
71 # 1435
Heat exchanging at thermal expanding of the millet seeds in a stream of hot air
71 # 1455
Role of hydrocolloidal-fatty phase in shaping rheoligical properties of fine minced cured meat stuffings with reduced fat content
71 # 1470
Sensory assessment of the bars produced of processed cereal grains
71 # 1438
Sorptive properties of selected food powder mixtures of protein-carbohydrrate composition
74 # 1263
Neural method of maximizing the values of the results of the simultaneous production of enzymes by yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus K-4
74 # 1262
Neural prediction of the results of the process of simultaneous biosynthesis of inulinase and invertase by Aspergillus niger under conditions of selected abiotic stresses
78 # 69
Economical and energy aspects of exploitation of energy roof
79 # 95
Generalisation of sorption isoterms and isobars for the types of wood used as biofuel
79 # 91
Impact of heat treatment on the process of mechanical grain cutting off sweet maize cobs
80 # 155
Assessment of impact of heat treatment on selected physical properties of lentil seeds
81 # 219
Application of alternative prediction methods for long-term forecasting of local energy consumption in rural areas
81 # 217
Impact of heat treatment on changes of mechanical properties of carrot
81 # 218
Impact of heat treatment on cutting force and compression force of potatoes
81 # 192
Influence of natural fibres addition on selected mechanical properties of biopolimers sampels
81 # 225
Method of determination of required temperature in the pigsty part I: Method of determination the adequate temperature
81 # 226
Method of determination of required temperature in the pigsty part II. Method of determination of temperature depending on breeding technology
81 # 188
Processing of the thermoplastic starch for packaging application
82 # 281
An analysis of chosen factors which influence development of new foods
82 # 249
Changes of chosen physical properties of parsley in result of frying
82 # 241
Dependance of the equilibrium moisture of seeds on temperature
82 # 258
Influence of air humidity on heat exchange in the process of thermal expansion of sedes in a stream of hot air
82 # 259
Influence of air humidity on values that decide of product quality in thermal expansion of seeds in a hot air stream
82 # 276
Influence of heat treatment on cutting force of brussels sprouts
82 # 242
Research of the process of vegetable seeds drying
86 # 324
Analysis of calorific value of crop residue of dent corn
86 # 341
Prognostic models of electric energy sales to rural consumers based on fractal dimension, logistic and heuristic crossing models
86 # 292
Status and development of scientific staff in agricultural engineering centers in Poland in the years 2000 to 2005
87 # 411
Immediate strength of seeds of two lentil subspecies (Lens culinaris Medic.)
87 # 408
The effect of heat treatment conditions for selected food products on their quality parameters
87 # 348
The use of the thermovision in field reliability tests of agricultural machines
93 # 1808
A compression of thermally processed hot lupine seeds
93 # 1847
An assessment of the degree of washability of instant oat flakes
93 # 1835
Impact of basic input parameters of amaranth and millet seeds expanding process in hot air stream on the reliability of their pneumatic transportation
93 # 1844
The influence of lowered pressure on strength properties of corn seedsafter hydrothermal treatment
93 # 1814
The influence of osmotic substance type on adsorption of steam by the lyophilizated strawberry
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
95 # 1911
Peltier module on-line diagnostic system during its operation
96 # 1944
Potato tuber cropping and susceptibility to mechanical damage related to hydrothermal coefficient
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