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100 # 2076
Evaluation of the level of technical infrastructure development
107 # 2325
The effect of delayed impact of selected rural area environment elements on multifunctional development level
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
131 # 3069
Selected production indexes and level of equipment as well as the power of a machinery park of agricultural farms
133 # 3044
Influence of the milking cows herd size and technical infrastructure on the production efficiency on ecological farms
28 # 1592
Differences in the level of infrastructural development between the communes of the Rzeszów region
28 # 1587
Effect of technical infrastructure on the rural areas
28 # 1585
natural and technical infrastructure of the Zielonka Forest
28 # 1590
Organization the Silesian country with technical infrastructure
28 # 1603
Planning, programming and designing of sewage systems in rural areas
28 # 1591
Technical infrastructure and the recreational function of rural areas
28 # 1583
The development of technical infrastructure in mountain and subroutine communes in the Polish Carpathian Mountains
36 # 1051
An assessmenl of selected elements of technical infrastructure development in the Silesia in 1995-2000
36 # 1045
Ecological investments in choosen communes of Podarpacie province
36 # 1052
Spatial distribution of technical infrastructure in the Świętokrzyskie voivodship
36 # 1053
Statistical evaluation of the changes of the rural areas inner structure in Małopolska province in voivodpoint of technical infrastructure in 1995-2000
36 # 1049
Technical infrastructure for high risk materials (HRM) collection
36 # 1054
The Małopolska voivodship saturation with water supply-and-sewage disposal infrastructure in 1990-2000
45 Tom I # 1112
The connection between technical infrastructure and development of spatial planning in rural areas
45 Tom I # 1115
The technical infrastructure as element of development remedially-touristic function in Sudethian region
45 Tom II # 1147
Analysis of economic rural development considering the level of technical infrastructure development
45 Tom II # 1155
Determination standards and delays for selected elements of technical rural infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1153
Higher education in the field of planning and development of rural infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1154
Technical infrastructure and socio-economic development of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1140
The impact of Domaniów reservoir on technical infrastructure development
56 # 519
Economy of the resources as a basic criterion in developing technical infrastructure for agricultural production in Belorussia
56 # 518
Threats to natural environment on rural areas in aspect of technical infrastructure development rate
56 # 517
Transformation direction Of technical infrastructure on rural areas in relation to the EU standards and regulations
86 # 310
Production and agricultural character of the region versus level of technical infrastructure in farmsteads
95 # 1909
Influence of infrastructure on development of entrepreneurship in villages of selected counties in the Province of Małopolska
95 # 1903
Present status and development trends for technical infrastructure in the borough of Biecz
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