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10 # 1496
Application of factor analysis in studies on technical equipment of the farms
102 # 2163
Effect of the technical development of the working process on the direct surplus in family farms
103 # 2181
Changes in technical equipment in selected farms after Poland accession to the European Union
104 # 2237
Possession and use of selected technical means of production on fruitgrowing farms depending on area of arable land
110 # 2432
Commodity production and trends of changes in technical equipment possessed by developing farms
123 # 2806
Agricultural type of farms versus labour resources and possession of technical means
123 # 2809
Technical equipment of farms vs. Aid obtained from the European Union’s funds
123 # 2818
Work productivity in ecological farms specializing in milk production
134 # 3119
Analysis of horticultural farm transformation including some technical aspects
137 # 3221
Characteristics of technical equipment and technology of farming in ecological farms
137 # 3209
Technical equipment of the selected ecological farms oriented to milk production
139 # 3265
Selection of agricultural equipment for the preparation of dairy cattle fodder
140 # 3318
Productivity and marketability in relation to technical equipment of organic farms
140 # 3310
Technical equipment and commodity production in ecological animal production farms
21 # 485
Milk performance of the dairy herd and technical equipment of the farm
67 # 930
Technical equipment and its changes in farms of up to 10 ha
77 # 22
Self-assessment of tradesmen in range of equipment their farms in technical devices to logging of milk
80 # 180
Production potential compared with technical equipment of agricultural farms
95 # 1913
Production trend vs. technical effectiveness of agricultural farm modernization
99 # 2024
Analysis of farm production development on an ex ample of advisory service in selected province at East Poland
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