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10 # 1505
An attempt to formalize the description of microclimate formation system in buildings for cattle
10 # 1476
Response of red clover on compaction with the tractor wheeling
100 # 2071
Analysis of the functioning of a data base for monitoring sugar beet production
100 # 2106
Analysis of the justness of using the computer system for managing a herd of cows, ALPRO, in the light of economic indices
100 # 2089
Constructional and operational guidelines for systems using a heat pump to heat horticultural objects
100 # 2083
Decision support system „Rzepinfo” for winter oilseed rape protection
100 # 2076
Evaluation of the level of technical infrastructure development
100 # 2077
Statistical analysis for farm tractors servicing in the aspect of the distance from the company location
100 # 2078
Warranty and post-warranty service to farm tractors as the post-transaction elements of the logistic customer service
102 # 2157
Estimation of renewable resources based on a geographic information system (GIS)
102 # 2141
The effects of the pulsation system and collector capacity on pressure parameters in the under-teat chamber
103 # 2177
Supporting foil tunnel heating with solar radiation energy
103 # 2199
The impact of cultivation system, irrigation and mineral fertilization on biometrics of self-terminating and conventional horse bean morphotype
104 # 2241
Effectiveness of heat pump working with solar collectors in hybrid system
104 # 2246
Regression analysis of quality changes in granular blend during mixing using the pouring method
104 # 2247
Technical solutions and operation of appliances in free-position barns, and dairy cattle’s well-being
105 # 2281
Modelling of functional statuses in the language of Bayesian networks
105 # 2261
Modelling of the system applied to assess working conditions for control room operators
105 # 2285
The carrot classification by using expert system
107 # 2319
Adaptation of square function to the description of changes in granular mix quality
107 # 2296
Modification of ventilation system in harvester operator’s cab in the aspect of maintaining standard noise level at the operator’s workplace
109 # 2395
Examination of progress in the process of mixing binary granular pattern using the chimney pour out method
109 # 2409
Laser interferometer use in measurements of geometrical sizes and constructional agricultural machines
109 # 2400
Management of design documentation multiple versions. Part I. The system concept
109 # 2401
Management of design documentation multiple versions. Part II. The system implementation
109 # 2375
Using spatial information systems in agriculture
110 # 2452
Analysis of cogeneration system as a source of heat and electric energy in a model farm
110 # 2434
Analysis regarding the use of roof shaped inserts for mixing of granular components
110 # 2416
Assessment of plant usability for alternative cultivation using typical technological systems
110 # 2455
Cogeneration system based on the Capstone C30 gas microturbine
110 # 2440
Reduction of animal production impact on environment
111 # 2476
Analysis of washing programs in the CIP system in a brewery
114 # 2507
Probabilistic models of spatial phenomena in agriculture
114 # 2510
The impact of cultivation simplifications in corn monoculture on formation of topsoil level structure
114 # 2501
Uncertainty in representing spatial phenomena
115 # 2564
Construction and operation of corn seed humidity sensor using near-infrared radiation
115 # 2548
Expert system for selecting animal keeping technology for use by cattle producers
115 # 2566
General concept of the national decision support system in plant production
115 # 2563
Servicing in the process of farm machinery and equipment reconditioning and maintenance
115 # 2560
The modelling of complex production system – relation model of fruit farm
117 # 2600
Computer model of microclimate control system in apple storehouse
117 # 2584
Conception for informatical system polyoptimization of the energetic potential usage
117 # 2589
Reaction of existing heating systems in a greenhouse to changing outside conditions
117 # 2603
The impact of tractor engine injection system wear on exhaust gas temperature in field conditions
118 # 2637
Guidelines of an expert system for crop production process control
118 # 2645
Solving the problem of data stability in a computer system for computations and consultancy, concerning substitution of conventional energy sources for biomass
118 # 2616
The concept of computer system for computations and consultancy concerning substitution of conventional energy sources for biomass
118 # 2608
The concept of machinery supervision and control by tractor on board computer in real time, carried out using LIN computer bus
118 # 2644
Using the ZigBee protocol for signal transmission in a dispersed measuring system
120 # 2723
The impact of cow herd size and technical equipment in selected dairy agricultural systems on raw milk hygienic quality
120 # 2727
Using a computer video system to examine the impact of magnetic and electromagnetic fields on quality of strawberries
121 # 2750
Control and visualisation of technological process in greenhouse facilities
121 # 2757
Ecological and operating aspects in the process of machinery and equipment use, and renovation. The concept of a model system for regeneration of parts and renovation of replaceable units in farm machines in the aspect of environment protection (part II)
121 # 2743
Selection of technical means used to give feeds in livestock facilities for cattle
122 # 2790
Impact of automatic control of working units on the quality of work of combine-harvesters
122 # 2779
Modelling of complex bioagrotechnological systems – Modelling of reliability of complex bioagrotechnical systems
122 # 2794
Proposals for the modernisation of control systems being used in mushroom-growing cellars
123 # 2839
Acquisition and use of weather data in the national system of decision support in plant production
123 # 2819
Conception of the Flexible System of Network Recommendation Services Model of the recommendation system in the form of a Bayesian network
125 # 2886
Decision support system for domesticated plants protection
125 # 2879
The development of an internet decision support system for crop protection
125 # 2864
Use of open system for controlling microclimate in utility rooms
125 # 2890
Validation of the ZeaSoft decision support system – yield models
126 # 2895
Computer control system for ventilation and dust extraction system in a grain mill
129 # 2934
The assessment of the process involving driving force transmission by the 7.50-16 tyre for various soil cultivation technologies
129 # 2966
Theoretical analysis of mechanical meat cutting process in thermodynamic aspect
131 # 3077
The concept of the system controlling the solar system, which supports the under covers production
133 # 3020
Assessment of traction efficiency of a tyre used on various agricultural surfaces
134 # 3127
Application of the GPS monitoring system in effective management of agricultural vehicles operation
136 # 3173
Analysis of the course of an automatic dosing process of the chosen poultry fodder ingredients in industrial conditions
136 # 3188
The application of SSL LED technology in programmable plant lighting systems
137 # 3227
Farm models as data source for the optimization of energy crop production in the commune
137 # 3193
Information technology oriented on spatial data in agriculture management support applications
137 # 3224
Modelling method of the maintenance service set of agricultural machines and devices
137 # 3215
Participation of photoelectric energy used to supply control – measurement apparatus of a plastic tunnel
137 # 3222
The communication system of the control-measuring system in an autonomous milking unit
137 # 3228
Validation of the decision support system ZeaSoft – fertilization module
138 # 3251
Influence of time and the cleaning liquid flow velocity on the effectiveness of cleaning the plate heat exchanger
138 # 3250
Measurement of the cleaning liquid parameters during the process of cleaning the plate heat exchangers
139 # 3260
Comparison of the selected errors of an agricultural aggregate crossings driven manually and automatically
139 # 3300
Downy mildew development model (Pseudoperonospora humuli) – internet application
139 # 3265
Selection of agricultural equipment for the preparation of dairy cattle fodder
139 # 3258
Teaching in agricultural engineering – today and tomorrow
141 # 3338
Description of the screen with two vibrators synchronised concurrently
141 # 3337
Numerical analysis of fluid flow between the plates of the plate heat exchanger
143 # 3356
Theoretical assessment of power transmission in a tractor exploited on various grounds
145 # 3394
Analysis of labour inputs in various milking systems
146 # 3433
Assessment indices of barns with a varied maintenance system of dairy cows
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
146 # 3459
The size and structure of energy inputs of ploughed and non-ploughed cultivation of hybrid rye
149 # 3531
Functional properties of the computer system for temperature diagnosis of cows
149 # 3547
Simulation tests of liquid flow in the pipeline elements
151 # 3601
Analysis of the electric power distribution systems on the rural areas of central Poland
151 # 3597
Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions during summer from fattening pigs, kept either on fully slatted floor or on deep litter
151 # 3588
Energy efficiency of hybrid rye cultivation in relation to the manner of soil cultivation
151 # 3603
Updating databases of the internet decision support system for cereals protection
152 # 3615
Ergonomic assessment of loading the musculoskeletal system of workers in the geotextile production process
152 # 3621
Expert systems as a tool for decision support in integrated pest management
152 # 3620
The acquisition and processing database system "Animal Housing Technologies"
153 # 3645
A new structure of the stabilization system of a suspended sprayer boom
154 # 3655
Evaluation of the selected microclimate parameters in a fully-slatted piggery
155 # 3668
A functional and task fault-oriented diagnostic system for wheeled tractors
155 # 3666
Methodological approaches to justification of kinematic parameters of volumetric sprayers
19 # 988
Analysis of the risk in agricultural production process
19 # 1005
Characteristics of selected farms producing sugar beets and analysis of an agro-technical model applied in production
19 # 1019
Consumption of electric energy by rural costumers
19 # 987
Some problems of precision farming
19 # 1000
Tendendes of changes in agricultural production system and mechanization level on selected farms
21 # 468
Application of the HACCP system to management of sugar beet production process
21 # 510
Changes in construction and usage of the facilities of poultry keeping with reference to the EU regulations
21 # 501
Diagnostic evaluation of technical condition of the electronic injection systems in the engines of spark ignition
21 # 511
Fuel consumption by tractor-machine sets depending on the level of precison pair wear in fuel supply system
21 # 465
Process engineering attempt to renovation of the technical object – according to the ISO 9001/2000 standard
28 # 1602
A joint system of combined waste utilization and sewage treatment of Mura Biel in Switzerland
28 # 1605
About some flood hazard rural area
28 # 1585
natural and technical infrastructure of the Zielonka Forest
28 # 1603
Planning, programming and designing of sewage systems in rural areas
3 # 1708
An attempt to evaluating the relationships among the elements of multitude-theory model of a piggery ventilation system
31 # 1665
Aid of management of quality of exploitation of technical objects working in agriculture
31 # 1688
Geographic information systems in decision support for agriculture
31 # 1694
Investment in potato irrigation - a contribution to the decision support system
31 # 1654
System electronic Technician ET for the calibration and modification of the electronic control modules ECM and for the diagnostic and scientific investigations of tractors and machines
31 # 1655
The application of the computer technic to the analysis of the plant root system
31 # 1658
The Caterpillar DATA View hardware and software applied to research ofmachines and tractors
31 # 1690
The selected problems conceming application of wind energy - net information system
31 # 1675
Use of artificial neuronal net to data interpolation in systems of spatial information
31 # 1672
Use of JSP (Java Server Pages) technology in create of distributed application for protection of plants
33 # 620
Criteria of safe utilization of forest ecosystems in altered economic conditions
33 # 609
Humanization of the machine operating process in the agricultural working environment
33 # 676
Irwestigation of control valves in a field spraying machine
33 # 616
Knowledge representation about state of objects in information infrastructure of maintenance system
33 # 615
Process Based Machinery Maintenance
35 # 903
A computer system for evaluation of a sugar beet plantation and a crop quality
35 # 899
A logistic system for transport management of currants
35 # 891
An application of photovoltaic generator simulator in evaluation of systems powerde by solar energy
35 # 894
Digital measuring systems in agriculture
35 # 877
Information - based electronic system for diagnosing and testing of a combine
35 # 914
Internet decision support in integrated pest management in Poland
35 # 890
Internet system for decision support In hop replanting
35 # 883
It-based electronic control system for agricultural tractors Massey Ferguson series 8200
35 # 886
Object oriented modelling of a computer system for supporting planning of didactic classes
35 # 889
Perfecting the diffusion process of innovations in agriculture by information-aided machinery exploitation
35 # 884
Postreiational databases cache intersystems
36 # 1045
Ecological investments in choosen communes of Podarpacie province
36 # 1075
Influence of the surface water on the village system of building
36 # 1062
Measurements of sewage flow rate in selected treatments plants of the Małopolska province
36 # 1052
Spatial distribution of technical infrastructure in the Świętokrzyskie voivodship
36 # 1079
The effect of new act on natural environment use on economic situation of water utilities
36 # 1054
The Małopolska voivodship saturation with water supply-and-sewage disposal infrastructure in 1990-2000
36 # 1060
The share of infiltration waters in domestic sewege outflow from rural se- werage systems
41 # 560
Analysis of a settlement network as a basis to develop transformation plans for rural regions
41 # 572
Local council’s capabilities in executing and financing infrastructural investments
41 # 567
Methodology of projecting of land information system
45 Tom I # 1105
Problems of dispersed spatial information systems in Poland from the viewpoint of spatial planning
45 Tom II # 1124
A problem of incidental waters in rural sewerage systems of the Małopolska province
45 Tom II # 1121
Concept, domain and role of the agricultural engineering in the structure of science
45 Tom II # 1157
Corrosion of lines of water supply system situated in rural area
45 Tom II # 1143
Selected issues connected with using GIS in waterworks
45 Tom II # 1122
The influence of building connection to combined sewerege system on volume of water consumed by rural households at Mszana Górna village
51 # 1637
Preparing an agricultural ecosystem balance condition model with the application of walter equations
52 # 794
Mechanisation efficiency in selected systems of agricultural production
52 # 821
Quality system in obtaining milk
53 # 606
Comparative analysis of the kinematics of some selected chainsaws and oils lubricating the cutting system of the chainsaw
53 # 598
Field information system related to use of the GIS
53 # 601
Forest stands structure and terrain geomorphology analysis in of geographic information systems environment
53 # 590
System of monitoring environmental parameters in a plastic tunnel
56 # 518
Threats to natural environment on rural areas in aspect of technical infrastructure development rate
60 # 1552
Experimental identification of refrigeration-system performance in the process of impingement
61 # 1161
Relational model of integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
61 # 1162
Selection criteria of functional assemblies in the consruction aspect of a tetra-pak machine abstract model
62 # 708
Accuracy analysis of the tyre-soil models to the conditions of the loosened light sandy soil
62 # 704
An intranet database system enhancing research management within agricultural engineering
62 # 706
Optimization of decision processes using chosen methods of artificial intelligence
63 # 1330
Crop quality evaluation as an element of verification of the quality management system in sugar beet production
63 # 1332
Elaborating model of agro-ecosystem considering the lively and inanimate soil components
63 # 1329
Physical and mechanical properties of loamy soil subsoil at two tillage systems
64 # 746
Technological and exploitation coefficients of milk production in chosen cowsheds
64 # 715
The use of AutoCad in technological standards for cattle
66 # 1285
Considerations on ventilation of combine-harvester cabin
66 # 1278
Decision support system for machinery maintenance
66 # 1304
Effect of some factors on the amount and structure of electric power consumption in rural households
66 # 1302
Implementing innovations in farm machinery refurbishment using knowledge engineering methods
66 # 1280
Mathematical model of the integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
67 # 956
Condition of process of rational exploitation of agricultural machines and devices
68 # 1397
Analytical method dealing with underground water protection on rural areas as required by the Spatial Information System
68 # 1368
Application of modelling techniques in ergonomic diagnostics methods of the operator – machine – material environment system
68 # 1377
Application of the neural networks to diagnostics of fuel injection system in diesel engines
68 # 1384
Computer aided decision making system at purchasing tractors and agricultural machines
68 # 1363
Electronic-information system for monitoring, steering and management in poultry production and breeding
68 # 1387
Information system based on .NET and XML technologies for managing the research in agricultural engineering
68 # 1372
Information systems for the enterprises of technical farm service
68 # 1393
Interactive educational system introducing into issue of artificial neural networks
68 # 1373
Knowledge base to selection of welding equipment for agricultural machinery workshop
68 # 1405
Prediction of solar radiation sums for solar energy conversion systems
69 # 858
Classification of mechanical stresses in food products
69 # 822
Influence of heat treatment on carrot colour parameters
69 # 856
Influence of potato growing technology on the crop structure
69 # 871
Measuring equipment supervision in daires in the quality management process
7 # 1728
Application of meteorological data modulus in agricultural advisory systems
7 # 1717
Basic problems of introducing information technology into agricultural production
7 # 1723
Education needs in agricutture and the possibilities to neet them through the application of new information technologies
7 # 1720
Methods for udpating the data of agricultural engineering information system, concerning energetic equipment in Polish agricutture
7 # 1718
Problem of representing the structure and functions of a technical object in computer knowledge system
7 # 1721
Spatial information system on Polish agricultural resources
7 # 1719
The agricutture and information
70 # 1188
Global positioning system and chances to introduce it in Polish agriculture
70 # 1189
Impact of selected extrusion process parameters on ekstrudate colors changes
70 # 1184
Modeling of texture qualities for wheat bakery using a surface colors change dynamics indicator during thermal treatment
71 # 1412
An attempt to developing methodology of colour determination for selected products
74 # 1267
Applicability of the expert system for decision support in the process of controlling pests of red beet during its vegetation
74 # 1249
Application of rough sets in diagnostics of diesel fuel injection systems
74 # 1253
Applications of the Nokia digital pen in agriculture
74 # 1243
Computer aided test of environmental burden of agricultural machinery by LCA method
74 # 1242
Information aided by waste polymers in agriculture by simplified indentification method
74 # 1274
Informational system in farm determined by computer science demands
74 # 1228
Model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energetic carriers of agricultural origin. Part 1. Model of a relational system
74 # 1229
Model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energetic carriers of agricultural origin. Part 2. Mathematical and simulated model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energy carriers
74 # 1233
Operational tests of hybrid electric power supply system using backup, transmission and data processing system
74 # 1234
Parametric model of solar collector battery
74 # 1273
The use of a neural network in modeling of a two-component granular systems’ mixing
74 # 1275
ZEASOFT – Decision support system for maize cultivation
77 # 2
Computer systems for cow herd management
77 # 40
Spray distribution in the trees during spraying apple orchard
77 # 32
System solution for modernization recycling of technical objects
78 # 61
The effect of the vacuum system stress on stabilization of the working vacuum milking machine
79 # 108
The analysis of total load influence of milking pipeline of milking machine on changes of vacuum in air pipeline and ability of its control
79 # 130
The influence of type of housing systems on young cows cleaness and hygienic quality of milk
8 # 1038
Critical evaluation of a method to control the technical condition of brake system in agricultural tractors
8 # 1037
Representation of operation and maintenance knowledge in an advisory system on an example of food processing industry equipment
80 # 156
Information technologies in the farm management advisory systems
80 # 157
The expert system for identification of polymers used in agriculture
81 # 227
Modelling of grain maize production technology in the aspect of economic effectiveness
81 # 222
Work conditions of two-step combine harvester cleaning system and crop quality of string bean pods
82 # 231
Changes of parameters of the weight of wheat dough depending on the type of flour and on the time of kneading
82 # 267
Research of combustion processes of diesel oil and rape biofuels
82 # 232
The dynamics of coulour changes during thermal working of wheat breadstuff depending on the time of dough kneading
84 # 45
Decision Support System for farm enterprises
86 # 328
Implementation technology of real estate management and turnover system
87 # 383
Application of Bayesian networks in modeling of agricultural production process
87 # 386
Assessment of the effect of using special insert on mixing process of granular systems by the funnel-flow system
87 # 379
Dynamic bayesian networks as knowledge representation system
87 # 405
The agricultural machinery refurbishment system in respect for the environment
87 # 356
The effect of using rape-seed oil as fuel on life of injection system in the ZS engines
87 # 375
The investigations on watt-hour efficiency of pressure homogenizer’s power transmission system
88 # 425
Energy and labour input in different tillage system
88 # 428
Optimization of the logging process in the aspect of natural environment contamination
88 # 457
Position for computer analysis of quality of agricultural and food products
89 # 1471
Modelowanie zintegrowanych systemów ogrzewania na obszarach wiejskich
90 # 1806
A decision support system in maize silage production
90 # 1788
Aiding the process of mixing heterogenous grain composite with insert of the Double Cone type
90 # 1787
Computer image analysis in the grain configuration mixing estimation (Funnel-flow system)
90 # 1778
Computer support for identyfication of pests and diseases in winter oilseed rape
90 # 1775
Informaton system used in agricultural advisory service in the conntry
91 # 1755
Some physical properties of soil and yielding of crops grown with different forms of mulching and tillage
93 # 1811
A variance of individual color discriminants during the apple drying process, depending on the used blanching method
93 # 1862
Changes in apple color during the convection drying process
93 # 1846
The influence of equipment-process parameters on values of compacting pressures in the feed granulating process
93 # 1815
The influence of mechanical factors on pipeline washing effectiveness
94 # 1890
Business intelligence systems
94 # 1884
Distribution of component concentration in funnel-flow mixing within RSI system
94 # 1874
Effect of drum mixer slenderness on the degree of loose material mixing
95 # 1917
Agricultural equipment dealerships in maintenance and repair system of agricultural engineering
95 # 1924
Evaluation of electric system condition in farm outbuildings
96 # 1962
Agricultural technique and GMO (agricultural engineering - bioengineering - transgenic plants)
96 # 1956
Information system supporting students’ knowledge verification, which uses the SQL SERVER 2005 objects
96 # 1957
Logistic system for a borough
96 # 1954
Methods used to reproduce the map with operation area of computer systems for transport management
96 # 1955
The impact of seed dimensions on mixing process carried out in a flow mixer, using additional supportive elements
97 # 1994
An Internet system allowing to make the resources of “Inżynieria Rolnicza” [“Agricultural Engineering”] journal available
97 # 1980
Evaluation of the efficiency of key cold cured meat production processes in food quality and health safety system (HACCP)
97 # 2007
Modern quality control methods for production of agricultural and food materials in selected EU countries and in Poland
97 # 1976
The C-385 farm tractor constructional adaptation to CNG combustion
97 # 1996
The effect of soil humidity on heat accumulation in a plastic tunnel
97 # 1986
The influence of liquid volume in the accumulation tank on heat pump energy effects in a bivalent system
99 # 2023
Analysis of dairy cows keeping system including use of material on lying stalls
99 # 2064
Effect of the tillage system, seeding rate and sowing term on the yield of winter wheat cultivars
99 # 2033
Method allowing to determine coordinates of suspended tool position in relation to farm tractor during its operation
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