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100 # 2082
Analysis of the variability of bucket milking machine reliability indices in the aspect of the periodical technical maintenance
102 # 2161
Preferences concerning the training of farmers on the team use of machines
109 # 2376
Use of moodle platform for surveying students
115 # 2563
Servicing in the process of farm machinery and equipment reconditioning and maintenance
117 # 2570
Distribution of demand for service surveys of farm tractors in the aspect of agrotechnical dates
123 # 2801
Quality of education at the field of agricultural and forest engineering, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, according to its graduates
134 # 3133
Analysis of factors in the decision process of purchasing farm tractors
143 # 3387
Diversity of additional activity in the selected ecological farms
66 # 1283
Education quality in the opinion of graduates of the faculty. Agricultural and forest technology
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