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100 # 2107
Directions of main stresses and shear angle during dynamic soil cutting using a flat plate
102 # 2133
The use of Boussinesque’s equation to determine stresses in soil caused by the action of machine units
108 # 2344
The impact of repeated tractor runs on changes in stress under wheels and increase in volumetric density of light clay
111 # 2481
The impact of stresses in minced meat on velocity and amplitude of ultrasonic wave
118 # 2605
Analysis of springtine cultivator surface layer stresses distribution control possibility after shot peening process in fatigue strength aspect
36 # 1067
Experimential analysis of stresses in the subgrade on the country-area
52 # 792
Luminescent evaluation of the environmental threats condition
69 # 858
Classification of mechanical stresses in food products
79 # 125
Impact of working depth of the non-ploughing tillage system on service load
96 # 1936
Investigation of the effect of the shear process on the soil compaction by constant normal stresses and increasing normal stresses
97 # 1998
Relations between tuber density growth and selected potato properties during storage
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