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102 # 2150
Rheological properties of biodegradable material determined on the basis of a cyclic stress relaxation test
118 # 2628
Modelling rheological properties of livestock meat in matlab environment
119 # 2662
Models of stress relaxation in fibreboards containing straw component
129 # 2946
Change in carrot root surface pressure values in function of time for constant initial displacement value
133 # 3023
Rheological properties of vegatables cultivated under covers
137 # 3194
Rheological properties of fruit of the selected cultivars of plum
139 # 3293
Algorithm of relaxation modulus identification using stress measurements from the real test of relaxation
139 # 3294
Determination of the relaxation modulus on the basis of the ramptest stress data
145 # 3405
Impact of stress relaxation on surface pressure changes of apples
51 # 1632
The effect of freeze-drying temperature on the rheological properties of root celery
64 # 745
Selected errors of rheological model parameters determination evaluated on the basis of stress relaxation test for potato tubers
8 # 1029
Test of stress relaxation in plant material under conditions of dynamic load - technical implementation
87 # 401
Method applied to compare stress relaxation curves for various plant materials
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