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10 # 1482
Investigation of wheat grain hardness using different measurement methods
100 # 2093
Functionality of TORX and XZN systems in the process of bolted joint tightening
100 # 2111
Optimization of friction welding parameters using genetic algorithms
103 # 2208
The impact of convection drying on selected mechanical and rheological properties of parsley root
103 # 2223
The impact of working parameters of multifunctional cultivation and maintenance tool on service loads
110 # 2429
The impact of process involving conditioning of selected leguminous materials on physical properties of granulate
110 # 2439
Timber skidding effect on selected physical and mechanical properties of forest soil
118 # 2605
Analysis of springtine cultivator surface layer stresses distribution control possibility after shot peening process in fatigue strength aspect
118 # 2629
Predicting cultivator tine fatigue strength using numerical methods
118 # 2648
Selected physical properties of seeds for domestic and foreign edible lentil varieties
119 # 2665
The impact of straw component on fibreboard mechanical properties
122 # 2777
Impact of the course of mechanical milking of cows on the content of body cells in milk with the variable tension strength of teat rubbers in the teat cup
122 # 2774
Mechanical strength of the grass blade of Miscanthus giganteus
125 # 2880
The impact of cultivator tine finishing on its fatigue wear
130 # 3005
Problem statement of wind energy issues on the farm
134 # 3117
Mechanical properties of Polish durum wheat seeds
143 # 3377
Analysis of physical properties of plant biomass briquettes
143 # 3385
Impact of soaking heat of pine tree sawdust on their selected physical and mechanical properties
143 # 3384
Physical and mechanical properties of pellets made of pine tree sawdust with addition of deciduous tree sawdust
143 # 3370
The analysis of the selected quality properties of pellets made of plant raw materials
145 # 3422
Impact of temperature on density and endurance of briquettes produced in a screw briquetting machine
146 # 3466
Analysis of mechanical and rheological features and sensory properties of dried avocado
146 # 3458
Assessment of possibility of using microwaves for heating spouted bed during drying apples
146 # 3467
Impact of spouted-microwave drying on the dried pumpkin quality
146 # 3439
Relation between biometric properties and the selected electric parameters of potato tubers
147 # 3474
Determination of rheological properties of vegetables and fruit based on work inputs of strain
148 # 3513
Anisotropy of mechanical properties of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus (J.E. Lange) Imbach)
152 # 3628
Impact of the variable level of potassium fertilization on fragility of a rachis of the selected spelt varieties
16 # 753
Effect of micronization on physical properties of leguminous
16 # 773
Effect of storage duration under increased temperature on strength features of the apples
18 # 1521
Effect of skidding tractor wheels on the forest soil
28 # 1615
Sub grade with the cell - mattress strengthening
31 # 1683
Use of visional system of view analysis in research process of radicular vegetables cut
51 # 1636
Pressure resistance of barley grain dried by microvawe systems at lowered pressure
60 # 1567
Strength properities of new products obtained on the basis of prepared grains of cereals and seeds
63 # 1341
Mathematical model for the assessments of granulate kinetic strength
68 # 1371
Adequacy of the mathematical model and the models based on artificial neural networks to evaluating the kinetic strength of feed pellets
77 # 36
Rehydration and compressive strength of vacuum microwave dehydrated red beet flesh in the low preassure conditions
77 # 34
Some strength properties of rape seeds
79 # 89
Compressive strength grain for selected corn hybrids
8 # 1025
Effect of pre-sowing laser biostimulation of white lupine seed on mechanical properties of crop yield
81 # 185
Application of weibull distribution for assessment of pea seed strength
81 # 207
Qualitaty models analysis neural networks on the example of the pellet quality
87 # 361
Assessment of wheat grain strength characteristics based on cutting test
87 # 411
Immediate strength of seeds of two lentil subspecies (Lens culinaris Medic.)
88 # 440
Effect of selected properties of raw materials on strength characteristics of granulated product
94 # 1892
Evaluation of cooling temperature effect on granulated fodder
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