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100 # 2085
Effects of the method and time of storing on the selected sensory characteristics of apples
100 # 2087
Operating costs for storage buildings and structures in farms characterised by vari-ous farm production types
102 # 2155
Technical aspects of the rational storage of natural fertilizers
104 # 2231
Quality of brewer’s barley grain dried in a canopy dryer or in a grain elevator
107 # 2313
Efficiency of solar heat storage system in function of ambient temperature
107 # 2312
The impact of wheat grain storage conditions on germination ability
108 # 2362
Monitoring of the self-heating state occurring during storage of crop seed masses
109 # 2408
Adaptive control for selected class of agricultural engineering processes
110 # 2453
Assessment of cow dung removal and storage in the aspect of employed solutions and equipment on the example of cowsheds in Pomorze Zachodnie region
110 # 2440
Reduction of animal production impact on environment
110 # 2426
The impact of potato tuber exposure to microwave radiation on content of some biochemical compounds and dry matter
110 # 2431
Using water heated up in solar collectors for watering tomatoes grown in covered facilities
111 # 2469
Texture changes during storage in different conditions of acidic cottage cheeses obtained using conventional method
111 # 2470
The effect of storage time and conditions on selected mechanical properties of apples
113 # 2373
Innovative method for identifying selected qualitative characteristics of seeds using image analysis and artificial neural networks (ANN)
122 # 2776
Impact of the period of storage on changes of physical properties of potato tubers
125 # 2857
Innovative NetApp storage solutions for modern information technology
125 # 2877
The simulation of the heat flow in a stone regenerator with a randomised substrate bed
129 # 2940
The impact of pressure exerted by the grain mass stored in a silo on changes in geometrical parameters of wheat
130 # 2995
The influence of storehouse microclimate on the qualitative and quantitative indicators as well as on certain features of apples
136 # 3166
Storing heat surplus from a plastic tunnel in a rock - bed storage
139 # 3274
Storing infrastructure and its use in the selected agricultural farms in the southern Poland
140 # 3316
Production potential and storage space in farms organized in the fruit producers' group
141 # 3342
Analysis of demand for spare parts on the example of the selected food enterprise
146 # 3448
Impact of the crop technology on the index value of mechanical damage to potato tuber
147 # 3484
Variability of the air flow velocity in the heat accumulator with a stone bed depending on the structure of the air distribution system
148 # 3516
Influence of freezing treatment, osmotic dehydration and storage time on the rehydration of vacuum dried strawberries
151 # 3587
Analysis of the selected factors impact on the amount of stored heat and the mass change in the rock-bed storage placed in the laboratory tunnel
16 # 768
Effect of storage duration on physical properties of rye grain
16 # 773
Effect of storage duration under increased temperature on strength features of the apples
19 # 1007
Computer aided dedsion making at microclimate control in potato stores
36 # 1042
Securing with storage reservoirs waterintakes from small watercourses for rural water supply systems
41 # 549
Water reservoir in Nielisz as an example of pro-ecological investment
45 Tom I # 1111
Spatial distribution of retention changes in Zielonka Forest for the use of engineering works
51 # 1650
An energetic analisys of storage of head excess ouring heating of a foil tunnel
51 # 1626
Modelling processed in apple storage facility
60 # 1563
Biodegradable biopolymers: materials for packaging
60 # 1574
The storage changes in curd cheese packed in parchment paper and paper and composite pe/pa foil
61 # 1166
Heat balance of an apple storage facility
61 # 1159
Lightweight, steel silo for agricultural products - Structure and assembly concept
62 # 703
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the storage charging process
64 # 737
Effect of sprinkler irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on yield and technological and storage value of potato cv. ‘Triada’
67 # 932
Computer system assisting identification of random distribution of the thermal parameters of stone regenerator
67 # 924
Effect of water contents changes on hardness of wheat grains during silo storage in modelling conditions
67 # 934
Feasibility study of physical methods for treating potato bulb diseases resulting from storage
68 # 1388
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the heat storage charging process
68 # 1362
Simulation model of the changes in temperature fields in a grain silo
70 # 1216
Effect of impulse eclectic field on storage losses of potato tubers
70 # 1215
Effect of variable magnetic field on storage losses of potato tubers
77 # 34
Some strength properties of rape seeds
8 # 1030
Model studies on the effects of rye grain moisture content, duration of storage and silo "slenderness" on horizontal and vertical pressures
80 # 178
Impact water content in rapeseed and storage time on vertical pressure in silos
81 # 214
Changes in impact strength of rape seeds as a result of being affected by microorganisms
82 # 260
Influence of wheat storage in a rectangular prism silo on grain hardness index
88 # 447
XML as interface of outside communicating of information system simulating working of stone regenerator
94 # 1893
Changes of potato bulb density caused by water transpiration and absorption during storage
95 # 1910
Influence of storage time on potato bulb mass loss during peeling
97 # 2006
Modelling problems for processes in potato store
97 # 1998
Relations between tuber density growth and selected potato properties during storage
99 # 2060
Effect of storing time of wheat grain on changes in its quality properties
99 # 2028
Safe grain storage – the study of the issue
99 # 2037
Storage analyze of minimally processed apples
99 # 2061
Storage of fuel woods chips
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