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102 # 2167
Field investigations of wear of chosen kinds of steel
102 # 2169
Investigation of the external friction coefficient and the angle of natural repose of cv. Bar and Radames lupine seeds
104 # 2245
Energy expenditure in the beer barrelling process in a brewery
110 # 2428
Wear intensity for steel working in plain dust, determined in field conditions
130 # 2998
Evaluation of the wear of modern construction materials used to produce soil treatment tools
150 # 3574
Comparison of external friction coefficients for single seeds in the stabilised system
19 # 989
Impact of working speed on wear intensity of construction materials in the soil
60 # 1566
Modern techniques of surface layer treatment applied to machine elemnts for food indusrtr
61 # 1159
Lightweight, steel silo for agricultural products - Structure and assembly concept
71 # 1446
Evaluation of dirtiness degree and washing effectiveness of acid-proof steel surfaces
78 # 68
Research on the coefficient of external friction of corn grain in humidity function
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