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10 # 1501
Effect of stream pressure on thermal disinfection process of horticultural substrate
105 # 2288
Microprocessor recording of temperature in the convector steam oven
111 # 2474
Change in selected geometrical characteristics of barley flakes due to different hydrothermal treatments
111 # 2467
Thawing of strawberries using the vacuum-steam method
138 # 3255
Mechanical properties of thermal treated corn grains
60 # 1572
The comparison in qualitative features selected products which put into the thermal traditional processing and from used convection-steam furnance
71 # 1431
Indicators of water, steam and electric energy specific consumption in selected processes of vegetable processing
71 # 1437
Kinetics of mass and temperature changes during sublimation-steaming-vacuum thawing of meat
80 # 175
Impact of fibre content on the process of granulation of feed materials
81 # 217
Impact of heat treatment on changes of mechanical properties of carrot
81 # 218
Impact of heat treatment on cutting force and compression force of potatoes
82 # 236
A comparison of meat defrosting using vacuum-cum-steam and sublimation-cum-vacuum-cum-steam methods
82 # 276
Influence of heat treatment on cutting force of brussels sprouts
93 # 1836
Setting out the degree of sublimation dehydration during sublimation-vacuum-steam meat defrosting process
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