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140 # 3314
Analysis of substrates from starch production in connection with bio-mass power plant designs
146 # 3443
Evaluation of yield, chemical composition and quality of tubers of medium early, medium late and late starch potato cultivars
147 # 3479
Impact of fragmentation of extrudate on the water absorption and water solubility indices
153 # 3635
Specific mechanical energy consumption of extrusion-cooking of wheat foamed packaging materials
60 # 1563
Biodegradable biopolymers: materials for packaging
60 # 1573
Physical properties of starchy packaging film
61 # 1163
Influnce of the microwave and vacuum potato dehydration on the dried vegetables quality
67 # 918
Dependence between the dry mass and starch content and the potato bulb mechanical damage indices
69 # 855
Evaluation of texture of cured meat products with different functional additives under industrial conditions
71 # 1427
Determination of starch index in the apples by using of computer image analysis
81 # 192
Influence of natural fibres addition on selected mechanical properties of biopolimers sampels
81 # 188
Processing of the thermoplastic starch for packaging application
82 # 250
A computer analysis of pictures in assessment of starch disintegration during apple ripening
93 # 1818
An application of selected methods of image analysis during the observation of starch decomposition in apples
99 # 2026
The machines and devices to precise fertilization of potato and the productive effects
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