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110 # 2455
Cogeneration system based on the Capstone C30 gas microturbine
114 # 2497
Analysis of compliance with the EU directives concerning requirements set for dairy farms
114 # 2488
The issues of cattle breeding in cow sheds without thermal insulation
115 # 2526
Ventilation in cowsheds without thermal insulation
117 # 2588
Effectiveness of bean protection against diseases using standard and ejector type atomizers
123 # 2806
Agricultural type of farms versus labour resources and possession of technical means
126 # 2917
Protection of multiflorous bean against rust (Uromyces appediculatus) using standard and ejector type atomisers
129 # 2958
Third grade studies of agricultural engineering in europe
131 # 3069
Selected production indexes and level of equipment as well as the power of a machinery park of agricultural farms
137 # 3196
Certification research and operating conditions of the diesel engine work
139 # 3296
Efficiency of agricultural ecological production in relation to the production orientation of a farm
154 # 3662
Lean Manufacturing tools implementation and its impact on the company’s operation improvement
18 # 1524
Evaluation of the state of winter wheat crop-stand by using of computer image analysis
21 # 465
Process engineering attempt to renovation of the technical object – according to the ISO 9001/2000 standard
36 # 1046
Agrotourist standards in the country of the based on Germany and Austria
41 # 561
Natural, technical and legal aspects of forest stand management
53 # 601
Forest stands structure and terrain geomorphology analysis in of geographic information systems environment
63 # 1322
Legal requirements pertaining to technical and technological standards in animal production
64 # 738
Technical and technological aspects of winter oilseed rape cultivation
64 # 715
The use of AutoCad in technological standards for cattle
68 # 1394
Computer aided assessment of noise level at the work-stands
68 # 1378
Computer–aided realization of ergonomic and work safety and hygiene principles at designing the restaurants and cook–shops
68 # 1383
EXCEL calculation sheet in teaching of statistical quality control in production process
71 # 1413
Assessment of the working stands of computer operators
77 # 1
Environment integration is the condition of agricultural engineering development
78 # 76
Investigation of cows’ stands for coated with wooden pavement
8 # 1038
Critical evaluation of a method to control the technical condition of brake system in agricultural tractors
81 # 189
Assessment of the usability of laboratory basket press for studies on juice pressing process from plant raw materials
81 # 209
Computer design of technical equipment in buildings for cattle
87 # 373
The method of tractor drive wheel rolling resistance coefficient estimation
93 # 1819
Sample size with division of population into three disjoint homogeneous groups in the experiment with modulus of elasticity of apple flesh
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