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108 # 2345
Comparison of spring and winter barley production costs in selected farms of Zachodniopomorskie voivodship
111 # 2479
Changes in the value of cutting fo rce applied to wheat grains versus leaf fertilization technique
111 # 2475
The effect of spraying technique in leaf fertilization on wheat grain yield and compression force values
133 # 3040
Influence of selected compression parameters of light soil on its resistance against cultivator tines cutting
133 # 3032
Influence of stubble intercrop growing on spring barley production profitability
146 # 3451
Impact of cutting parameters on the quality and efficiency of soil scarification with cultivator prongs
156 # 3686
Methodological aspects of determination of resultant force acting on the cultivator spring tines
36 # 1057
An influence of calcareous tufas on water intake conditions at the Mszana Górna village area
36 # 1059
Mineral water intakes on the Grajcarek stream basin
45 Tom II # 1125
Regime hydrogeological variability water-head Przeźmo in district Nagłowice
66 # 1305
Comparison of planting of energetic willow (salix viminalis) in the spring and autumn time
77 # 20
Investigation on estimating energetistic parameters of earthworms
8 # 1024
Effect of magnetic fields on the process of seeds germination
91 # 1739
Differentiated nitrogenous fertilization as against yielding and selected indices of the canopy architecture of several spring wheat cultivars
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