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103 # 2212
Theoretical description of sprayed liquid distribution in conditions of frontal air stream operation
103 # 2213
Wind effect on uniformity of utility liquid distribution using field spraying machine
104 # 2237
Possession and use of selected technical means of production on fruitgrowing farms depending on area of arable land
108 # 2355
Diagnostics of field spraying machine sprayers in real time
108 # 2342
Two-fan spraying machine for orchard protection – laboratory and field tests
120 # 2716
The impact of selected sprayer positions on sprayed surfaces coverage degree
120 # 2717
The impact of wind direction on falling of atomised utility liquid stream during spraying flat field crops
122 # 2786
Distribution of fall of liquid sprayed by selected double-stream sprayers in conditions of operation of the main air stream
122 # 2766
Distribution of working solution for different technologies of application of herbicides in an orchard
129 # 2942
Plant protection techniqe in EU Directives
130 # 3000
The evaluation of the technical condition of the field toolbar of the spraying machine with the use of the method of survey of selected sprayers
133 # 3052
Biobed for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments – Biobed stand for bioremediation of liquid remnants after spray application treatments
134 # 3147
Comparative analysis of fall distribution of liquid sprayed with the use of double-stream sprayers
136 # 3184
Comparison of a coverage degree of facilities sprayed with the selected air induction sprayer – one and two–stream sprayers
140 # 3312
Impact of the applied sprayers in leaf fertilization on the size and quality of timothy grass seeds crop (Phleum pratense L.)
145 # 3399
Methodology of the inspection of the spraying equipment mounted on trains
146 # 3454
A prevailing research subject matter concerning a plant protection technology
147 # 3505
Impact of speed and type of a sprayer on the degree of covering horizontal and vertical sprayed surfaces
152 # 3610
The influence of nozzle configuration in orchard sprayers on the vertical distribution of spray
153 # 3645
A new structure of the stabilization system of a suspended sprayer boom
21 # 502
Some remarks concerning compulsory test procedures for the field sprayers
52 # 816
An assessment of flat stream sprayer on the basis of characteristics of cross-distribution of a liquid stream
77 # 3
Testing sprayers in use in Poland and in EU
88 # 444
Scanner for analyzing lateral distribution of stream of flat jet sprayers
91 # 1741
Mortality of nematodes in hydraulic cyrculation of sprayer
91 # 1751
Technology of fertilization by leaves and protection of container cultivated decorative bushes with mycorrhiza
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