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103 # 2218
The impact of biodegradable adsorber filling grinding degree on cleaning degree of air from facilities for livestock
118 # 2640
The impact of blanching and water sorption on the change in density of semi-finished products for chips
141 # 3323
The effect of the surface development of extrudate on the dynamics of water sorption in various storage conditions
16 # 772
Effect of the temperature on water absorption ability of legume seeds totally immersed in water
16 # 762
Effect of ultrasounds on the kinetics of water absorption by leguminous seeds
63 # 1340
Effect of spray drying conditions on the hygroscopicity of malt wort
71 # 1438
Sorptive properties of selected food powder mixtures of protein-carbohydrrate composition
79 # 92
Programming water sorption properties of cocoa instant powder with superposition application
8 # 1031
Capillary-weighing method to measure the rate of water absorption by wheat grain
82 # 283
Effect of osmotic dehydration on water adsorption of osmotically freeze-dried strawberries
86 # 336
Changes in potato tuber weight and volume due to water absorption
86 # 340
Influence of the temperature on the quality of the grain in the process of drying with using natural sorbents
93 # 1814
The influence of osmotic substance type on adsorption of steam by the lyophilizated strawberry
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
93 # 1833
Water vapour adsorption by multi-layer biscuits
94 # 1893
Changes of potato bulb density caused by water transpiration and absorption during storage
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