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102 # 2162
Energy losses in a flat-plate solar collector
103 # 2177
Supporting foil tunnel heating with solar radiation energy
107 # 2313
Efficiency of solar heat storage system in function of ambient temperature
107 # 2314
The impact of solar conditions on the effect of work of vacuum tube and flat plate solar collector
110 # 2430
Analysis of ecological effects when using water warmed up in vacuum collectors for the purposes of watering vegetables grown in a greenhouse
110 # 2456
Solar systems at Training and Research Centre for Renewable Energy in Ostoja
110 # 2431
Using water heated up in solar collectors for watering tomatoes grown in covered facilities
119 # 2687
The impact of external climatic conditions on work efficiency of vacuum tube solar collector
121 # 2742
Ecological Aspects of Using Solar Radiation Energy in Animal Production
130 # 2987
Analysis of the variability of solar energy conversion for a flat solar collector
144 # 3391
Modelling electric energy and heat transfer in small autonomous solar systems
61 # 1175
Influence of selected factors upon the efficiencyof polycarbonate solar collector
61 # 1178
The influence of local atmospheric conditions on the efficiency of liquid plate sollar collectors
81 # 183
Effectiveness of solar radiation conversion in a solar collector in function of heating medium flow speed
86 # 2371
Efficiency of the liquid collector as a function of angle of incidence of solar radiation
86 # 319
Heat loss in a liquid collector as a function of ambient temperature
97 # 1995
Analysis of potential to use flat solar energy collector for drying of wheat grain in wrocław area climatic conditions
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