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119 # 2650
Evaluation of energy parameters for cooperation in the drive wheel – forest road arrangement
119 # 2652
Evaluation of traction properties in the drive wheel – forest ground arrangement in the aspect of wheel slip changes
119 # 2657
Research on the impact of selected parameters of tractor drive tyres on aggregate structure of light soil in wheel tracks
156 # 3681
Evaluation of changes in traction properties of a drive wheel on the sod utilized by various means
18 # 1533
Film methods for operational and technical tests of machinery in nursery
74 # 1230
Stability of the working speed of the tractor unit considering friction torque of the differential gear
78 # 86
Pull force change assessment of an agricultural tractor with radial and diagonal traction tyres
95 # 1906
Measurement of selected operating parameters of cultivation unit
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