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103 # 2220
The impact of wheat seeds size on energy consumption of their grinding process
108 # 2364
Measures for evaluation of economic and technical determinants in farms
109 # 2409
Laser interferometer use in measurements of geometrical sizes and constructional agricultural machines
110 # 2449
Economic life-span of farms versus possession of engineering means of production
111 # 2463
The effect of grinding parameters on particle size of cellulose
115 # 2546
Using the RRSB model to predict separation of mixture used for production of pellets and briquettes
117 # 2591
Means of work costs and production process balance level for farms
117 # 2590
Scale effectiveness in farms with mechanised work process
120 # 2721
Analysis of limited deleterious substances (pollutants) production by mobile energy sources in agriculture
120 # 2711
Methodic aspects of determining durations, disturbance size, and their impact on milking quality in pipeline milking machine
120 # 2723
The impact of cow herd size and technical equipment in selected dairy agricultural systems on raw milk hygienic quality
121 # 2735
The impact of moisture content on selected physical properties of the pawo variety triticale
121 # 2752
The impact of the size of shredded wheat particles on compac-tion process parameters
121 # 2746
Wear and tear analysis for ploughshares with fixed and replaceable cutting edge in landside part
126 # 2900
Labour expenditure in farms of different economic size
129 # 2936
Evaluation of sugar beet crops in the aspect of employed production technology and farm location
132 # 3104
Farming conditions versus the size and structure of herd on organic farms
133 # 3044
Influence of the milking cows herd size and technical infrastructure on the production efficiency on ecological farms
145 # 3424
Innovativeness in technologies and agricultural technique
145 # 3425
Optimisation procedure of selection of the buffer bin cooperating with the heat pump
150 # 3560
Analysis of the size of dust particles which were formed during pellet production
150 # 3575
Dependance of energy inputs on area and economic size of family farms
152 # 3626
Efficiency in the use of agricultural technique
16 # 771
Size of wheat grains and rheological properties of dough
35 # 896
Classification of rapid measuring impulses
66 # 1313
Mechanization cost in farms of various economic size
68 # 1382
Virtual instrument to evaluation of atomized stream crosswise distribution in agricultural sprayers
69 # 846
Conductive properties of wheat grain
69 # 851
Influence of strawberry size on mass exchange during osmotic dehydration
70 # 1205
Determination of seeds sizes measurement error by using computer image analysis
71 # 1457
Effect of single-and two-stage grain crushing process on the quality of bruesed grain
71 # 1414
Sample size in experiment determinming elasticity modulus of the apple flesh
78 # 52
The influence of agglomeration in fluidized bed on particles shape of choosen food powders
78 # 48
The influence of applied equipment on dimensions of buildings for pigs reproductive sector
8 # 1027
Analysis of the methods evaluating particle size distribution in ground cereal materials
80 # 163
Energy expenses on farms with different economical size
80 # 166
Impact of the seed size on the necessary pneumatic tube length in the process of seed expansion
82 # 254
Influence of agglomeration and raw material composition on projection property of particulars of mixes of food powders
86 # 336
Changes in potato tuber weight and volume due to water absorption
93 # 1819
Sample size with division of population into three disjoint homogeneous groups in the experiment with modulus of elasticity of apple flesh
94 # 1872
Evaluation of loads transported one time as related to type of transportation and size of agricultural farm
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