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10 # 1508
Modelling of gaseous emission in the livestock buildings
102 # 2149
Pneumatic aiding of the process of screening granular mixtures using a screening table
105 # 2286
Computer program for the determination of the traction parameters of the drive wheels
105 # 2265
The analysis of loads exerted on drive units for three-dimensional agrorobot movements
106 # 2227
Simulation of agriculture machine dynamic behavior including stability criterion for motion safety needs
114 # 2518
Control of agricultural processes supported by computer systems
122 # 2771
Computer modelling and simulation of the frequency of pulsations in the milking apparatus
123 # 2837
Modelling of technological processes occurring in mushroom-growing cellars: heat and mass exchange model
125 # 2877
The simulation of the heat flow in a stone regenerator with a randomised substrate bed
130 # 3010
Numerical simulation of physical phenomena during the burnishing rolling in regeneration of parts of agricultural machinery
131 # 3091
Optimisation of microclimate control in a mushroom growing cellar
138 # 3254
Fluid flow simulation in a whirlpool tank of multi-point inflow
139 # 3295
The issue of fatigue evaluation of agricultural machines shown in a multirole unit
143 # 3386
Modelling of temperature field in the ground with the use of spreadsheet
149 # 3536
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD as an innovative tool for stimulating the smoke drying process and for modeling the construction elements of a smoke-drying chamber
156 # 3684
Cost optimization of blend preparation with the use of the FlexSim environment
21 # 516
Quantities of heat balance surplus and deficiency in aspect of annual energy inputs on ventilation in a piggery building
31 # 1669
Computer simulation of the grain motion in combine harvester as a tool for improvement of grain yield mapping in precision agriculture
35 # 909
Computer generation of programs for dynamics simulation of manipulation machines
35 # 885
Simulation of vibrations of agricultural tractorside plane model
60 # 1545
Simulation of fluid rotational motion in a rotational-settling vat
61 # 1177
The implementation of grain drying mathematical model in Symuneuron system
66 # 1300
Simulations of agro-robot in terms of positioning accuracy
67 # 951
Computer modelling and simulation test of agricultural machines virtual models on the example of Campbell roller
68 # 1369
Analysis of front loader dynamics during separated filling of the bucket with granular material
68 # 1364
Analysis of front loader dynamics in phase of the bucket turn into granular medium heap
68 # 1400
Application of computer technique to modeling and simulation of selected operations in forage harvester
68 # 1403
Computer analysis of the electric field distribution around the winding of bifilar dust electro-filter
68 # 1390
Filling the grain silo by means a rotary chute. Part 2. Model verification
68 # 1389
Filling the grain silo by means of a rotary chute. Part 1. Modeling of the process
68 # 1362
Simulation model of the changes in temperature fields in a grain silo
68 # 1385
Transport of the animals against a background of the EU legal regulations
71 # 1435
Heat exchanging at thermal expanding of the millet seeds in a stream of hot air
74 # 1271
Computer analysses of lead’s geometry influences on biffilar filter efficiency
74 # 1259
Design of the didactic server module for the subject of ergonomics
74 # 1260
Modern methods of agricultural machine designing and veryfication
77 # 5
Application of modeling, computer simulation and validation method in the new agricultural machine implementation
77 # 33
The dicriterial optimization of the grain cleaning on a canopy sieve
8 # 1040
Methodical aspects of work timekeeping and simulation tests of effective time consumption at logging
80 # 154
Impact of susceptibility of constraints on the positioning accuracy of the agrorobot
82 # 253
Influence of the shape of the connection of side surface and the bottom surface on creation of a silting swirl in a settling-whirl vault
86 # 338
Run simulation for the tractor - potato planter farm unit
90 # 1764
Simulation model for prediction of the selected parameters of the towed wheels
96 # 1941
Impact of temperature in auxiliary rooms on thermal balance in buildings for cattle
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