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107 # 2305
Particle size impact on drying shrinkage during microwave and vacuum drying
130 # 2985
Analysis of common hawthorn fruit drying in the conditions of reduced pressure with microwave heating. Drying kinetics and drying shrinkage
134 # 3122
Analysis of microwave-vaccum drying of cauliflower
147 # 3480
Drying kohlrabi with microwave method in the lowered pressure conditions
19 # 1008
Effect of linear drying shrinkages and shapes of solid bodies on their drying kinetics
53 # 593
Computer image analysis in drying shrinkage determination
67 # 950
Analysis of microwave drying of root celery in conditions of decreased pressure
79 # 118
Influence of microwave vacuum parameters fruits chokeberry drying on the course of this process and drying shrinkage
79 # 116
The influence of microwave-vacuum drying parameters on shrinkage of strawberries during drying and on running of process
8 # 1033
Modelling of the kinetics of pumpkin dehydration
88 # 462
Modeling drying shrinkage for selected root vegetables using neural networks
97 # 1998
Relations between tuber density growth and selected potato properties during storage
98 # 1932
The microwave-vacuum drying model for fruit and vegetables
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