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108 # 2350
Logistic infrastructure costs in agricultural enterprises
120 # 2701
Ploughshare distribution logistics
121 # 2746
Wear and tear analysis for ploughshares with fixed and replaceable cutting edge in landside part
122 # 2781
Impact of the kind of surface layer on the course of wear of plough share chisels
122 # 2775
Pressure of soil on the rake face of the plough share and loss of material from that face
152 # 3610
The influence of nozzle configuration in orchard sprayers on the vertical distribution of spray
21 # 489
Evaluation of the costs of machine part quality
52 # 814
Evaluation of output quality of disc and share cultivators
61 # 1168
Analysis of distributions of basic physical features of buckwheat seedand "świrzepa" radish hulls in aspect of modelling of distributive processes
63 # 1349
Methodical aspect of ploughshares wear assessment
8 # 1041
Influence of plough share hardening technology on the properties of 38GSA stell
80 # 142
Impact of share lifter on sugar beet root
86 # 307
Local unit change of the contour of plough shares as a coefficient of their wear resistance
87 # 390
Neural models for wearing of working elements in soil
96 # 1948
The method of measurement of soil pressure exerted on surfaces of the elements working in the soil
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