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10 # 1490
Investigation of mechanization services in Dobczyce
10 # 1499
Market of transport services as lightened by the results of regional studies
10 # 1493
Multiplicity of field operations on selected farms in Dobczyce Commune
107 # 2320
Internet system supporting management of agricultural services
117 # 2569
After-warranty repairs of farm trac-tors as an element of an authorised distribution system
117 # 2594
Machine services in selected farms in Lower Silesia region
119 # 2676
Demand for mechanisation services in individual farms located in Wysokie Mazowieckie administrative district
123 # 2819
Conception of the Flexible System of Network Recommendation Services Model of the recommendation system in the form of a Bayesian network
123 # 2836
Technical equipment vs. the use of technical production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
123 # 2832
The analysis of mechanisation services on organic farms
125 # 2884
Technical services and production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
134 # 3140
Quality assessment of technical service of agricultural machines
136 # 3181
The prioritizing process of the quality assessment criteria for agricultural machinery-service by comparisons method
19 # 1006
The level of equipment and services versus the costs of farm mechanization
21 # 469
Costs of mechanization on selected family farms
31 # 1660
The researches of the purchase ofthe agricultural machines
45 Tom II # 1146
Application of the SWOT analysis to evaluate the water-supply management in a commune
45 Tom II # 1144
Estimation of the quality of communal services in the rural part of the commune of Skawina
90 # 1807
IT tools in plant production
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