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102 # 2166
Process equilibrium conditions of grain mass cleaning on the shutter sieve operating surface
103 # 2216
The impact of kinematic parameters of the shaking mechanism in the widepitch conveyor on the separation process efficiency
108 # 2367
Design parameters of a roller-type potato cleaning separator
115 # 2540
Separation efficiency for the mixture of corn seeds and buckwheat nuts in a trieur with pocket pits
116 # 2372
Separation efficiency for mixture of rape and cleavers seeds in a separator with looped belt
119 # 2682
The structure of tractors in the examined farms according to engine horsepower
129 # 2970
The impact of threshing units on maize kernel separation rates and losses
131 # 3088
Analysis of aerodynamic properties of common fir and common beech
131 # 3081
Influence of mixed sowing of yellow lupine with gymnosperm barley on the selected physical properties of seeds
141 # 3332
Evaluation of contaminations occurring after a mechanical collection of ground cover
150 # 3561
Variability and mutual correlation of the selected physical properties of pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo L.)
154 # 3654
Purification and sorting of dry cornflower petals mixture in a horizontal air stream
16 # 763
Determination of differences in angles of seed falling out form the gap between round bars
21 # 491
Process of soil separation on the chain web
53 # 603
Film as instrument in seeds elasticity research
53 # 602
Shape as a separation properties of seeds
63 # 1348
Results of preliminary studies on intensification of grain sorting process on a vibration sieve by means of air flow
66 # 1277
The effect of sieve shoe inclination on throughput of canopy sieve and grain cleanness
70 # 1201
Electronic measurement of potato harvester separator operating parameters
77 # 26
Application potential of non-parametric statistical tests in aspect of rating of the differentiation of separated particles
77 # 7
Separating and losses of grain on longitudinally inclined working plane of shutter’s sieve
77 # 25
Statistical models of the separation process of the particles conditioned of change of the angle of inclination of the sieve
77 # 13
The comparative analysis of aerodynamic stream in cereal combines harve-ster in light of investigative conception
8 # 1026
Analysis of the parameters of seed coat separation from the mixture originated at rape seed hulling
80 # 135
Conception and research work on an effectiveness improvement of a sieve and aerodynamic separator in a hilly area
83 # 44
An analysis of buckweat seed separation process using trieur bar-type working surfaces
87 # 404
Technological mixture separation process on pin hump in potato harvester
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
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