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10 # 1485
Effectiveness of cleaning buckwheat seeds on a cylindrical slotted sieve
10 # 1484
Laboratory studies on separation of catch weed seeds from the mixture with rape seeds on a belt separator
100 # 2070
Effect of selected factors on non-uniformity of triticale seeds dosage with pin sowing unit
103 # 2222
Comparison of work quality for belt drill and cupfeed drill during onion seed sowing
107 # 2294
Efficiency of carrot (Daucus carota L.) seeds cleaning
108 # 2347
Analysis of the work quality of the belt seeder during the onion seeds sowing
110 # 2438
Drying of mustard seeds in fountain bed
111 # 2474
Change in selected geometrical characteristics of barley flakes due to different hydrothermal treatments
111 # 2459
Technology employed to prepare pepper seeds for sowing
111 # 2461
Technology of tomato seeds purification in water and in osmotic solution
111 # 2466
The analysis of expansion ways for seeds and vegetables and fruit using water phase transition method
111 # 2458
The research on enzymatic release of seeds from pulp, following osmotic blocking of water absorption
113 # 2373
Innovative method for identifying selected qualitative characteristics of seeds using image analysis and artificial neural networks (ANN)
114 # 2509
Pin sowing unit. Part II. The impact of selected parameters on rape seed dosing efficiency and evenness
115 # 2540
Separation efficiency for the mixture of corn seeds and buckwheat nuts in a trieur with pocket pits
115 # 2535
Using computer graphics for 3D reconstruction of seeds
116 # 2372
Separation efficiency for mixture of rape and cleavers seeds in a separator with looped belt
118 # 2648
Selected physical properties of seeds for domestic and foreign edible lentil varieties
120 # 2696
Pin sowing unit. Part III. The impact of selected parameters on evenness in wheat seeds proportioning
120 # 2697
Pin sowing unit. Part IV. The impact of selected parameters on evenness in rye seeds proportioning
122 # 2782
Analysis of sifting of carrot seeds through sieves of the vibrating screen
123 # 2820
Pin sowing unit. Part V. Selection of selected parameters on the uniformity of dosing of horse bean seeds
123 # 2808
Resistances of air flow through a conical drier filled with bean seeds
124 # 2844
The influence of selected factors on the number of contacts between seeds
126 # 2897
Applying sequential procedure in the analysis of geometrical characteristics for seeds of selected cereal plants
126 # 2920
Efficiency of tomato seeds calibration carried out with a drum screen
126 # 2908
Influence of the S071 Kruk seeder operating parameters on the distribution of cucumber seeds in a row
126 # 2916
Thermal processing in a roaster for selected legumi-nous seeds intended for food production
129 # 2962
The impact of the selected factors on evenness of rye seeds sowing with drill seeders
130 # 2979
Attempt to separate pea seeds of low germination ability from the sowing material
130 # 2978
Characteristics of selected physical properties of borage seeds in the aspect of their use for the improvement of cleaning process
131 # 3092
3D reconstruction method of seeds in CAD application
131 # 3081
Influence of mixed sowing of yellow lupine with gymnosperm barley on the selected physical properties of seeds
131 # 3068
Influences of multiple static loads on the level of condensation and rheologic properties of the mass of oil plant seeds
133 # 3025
Efficiency of borrage seeds cleaning (Borago officinalis L.)
133 # 3039
Variability analysis and correlation of selected physical proerties of black alder seeds
134 # 3121
Analysis of the mustard seeds cleaning process part 1. Physcial properties of seeds
134 # 3125
Analysis of the mustard seeds cleaning process part 2. Algorithms of the cleaning process
135 # 3150
Morphological and agrophysical factors of buckwheat combine harvesting
136 # 3161
Influence of air pressure in a vibrator on selected technological parameters of a chute dispenser during supply of beetroot seeds
136 # 3186
Influence of moisture on the value of some properties of a buckwheat seed of Panda variety
138 # 3237
Bean seeds processing in the non-water and osmotic environment
138 # 3241
Influence of the selected factors on loading a sowing unit of reguline system with wheat seeds
138 # 3243
Influence of the selected factors on the depth of sowing of rye seeds with seed drills
139 # 3277
Influence of density and velocity of sowing on distribution of corn seeds sown with a pneumatic precision sieve
139 # 3278
Influence of the selected parameters of sowing on shaping life space of field bean plants
139 # 3299
Selected physical properties of full seeds and seeds without seed cover of kora variety buckwheat and red corolla form
140 # 3312
Impact of the applied sprayers in leaf fertilization on the size and quality of timothy grass seeds crop (Phleum pratense L.)
141 # 3322
Investigation of a laboratory gutter feeder driven by a vibrating motor
145 # 3414
An attempt to determine impact of tractor wheels track on irregularity of rye seeds sowing
145 # 3415
Comparative analysis of longitudinal irregularity of wheat seeding with a universal seeder and cultivation-seeding aggregate
146 # 3456
Impact of the selected sowing parameters on shaping a life space of wheat plants
147 # 3492
Comparative analysis of the quality of wheat seeding with a universal seeder and a cultivation-sowing aggregate
147 # 3488
Mechanical properties of the selected legume seeds and their weight and thickness
147 # 3496
Research on efficiency of passing seeds through a sieve in the vibrating calibrator
149 # 3532
Interdependence between germination ability and the selected properties of parsnip seeds (Pastinaca sativa L.)
150 # 3574
Comparison of external friction coefficients for single seeds in the stabilised system
150 # 3565
Impact of working parameters of the pin sowing unit and sowing parameters on the regularity of dosing oats seeds
150 # 3561
Variability and mutual correlation of the selected physical properties of pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo L.)
153 # 3636
A modern method of obtaining organic seeds of onion and radish
16 # 765
Changes in external and internal structure of amaranth seeds occuring at their pressureless expanding
16 # 763
Determination of differences in angles of seed falling out form the gap between round bars
16 # 769
Effect of material temperature on densification parameters of leguminous seeds
16 # 753
Effect of micronization on physical properties of leguminous
16 # 756
Effect of Moisture content on Adhesive properties of Galium apararine L. seeds
16 # 764
Effect of moisture content on selected mechanical properties of amaranth seeds
16 # 766
Effect of pre-sowing laser biostimulation Of glasshouse tomato seeds on physicochemical properties of the fruits
16 # 772
Effect of the temperature on water absorption ability of legume seeds totally immersed in water
16 # 762
Effect of ultrasounds on the kinetics of water absorption by leguminous seeds
16 # 761
Testing the composition of loose two-ingredient mixture by using computer image analysis
33 # 638
The application of the weighing-buoyancy method to measure the ratę of water absorption by piant materiais
51 # 1625
Significate of pressure force in the Young module measurment for seeds
52 # 813
Attempt of estimation of seeds losses at rape desiccation with Avans and Reglone preparations
53 # 603
Film as instrument in seeds elasticity research
53 # 602
Shape as a separation properties of seeds
60 # 1575
Automatic identification of the end of near-ambient drying of rapeseed in a deep-stationary-bed
60 # 1547
Granulation of carrot seeds
60 # 1558
Simulation of the process of thermal expanding of millet seeds in hot air stream
61 # 1168
Analysis of distributions of basic physical features of buckwheat seedand "świrzepa" radish hulls in aspect of modelling of distributive processes
66 # 1284
An attempt of rape seeds losses reduction during desiccation operations
66 # 1295
Assaying porosity of seed beds using computer-aided analysis of image
67 # 944
Determining attempt of influence of working parameters of pin sowing unit and the width between the rows and sowing speed on uniformity of dosage of wheat sedes
67 # 926
Effect of chamber parameters and material weight on densification of lupine seeds
67 # 942
Growing grass for seeds in terms of seeding material quality and involved expenditure
69 # 830
Application of buckwheat seeds to manufacturing the low-fat fine minced meat products
69 # 867
Investigations on the process of enzymatic cleaning the cucumber seeds
69 # 832
Testing the process of vibration selection of seeds
70 # 1205
Determination of seeds sizes measurement error by using computer image analysis
71 # 1458
Changes of selected physical properties of pea and bean seeds after wetting under vacuum pressure
71 # 1434
Effect of desiccation treatments on the shapeliness and losses of the rape seeds
71 # 1423
Effect of draing temperature and technique on selected quality factors of the rape seeds
71 # 1428
Effect of selected factors on seed elasticity index
71 # 1409
Effect of the moisture content particle size on the density of loose raw materials of plant origin
71 # 1440
Effect of the size and position of square hole on flow intensity of the rape seeds
71 # 1436
Effectivnes of seeds’ expanding process in the stream of hot air
71 # 1418
Evaluation of seed size distribution on laboratory screens
71 # 1435
Heat exchanging at thermal expanding of the millet seeds in a stream of hot air
71 # 1449
Mathematical representation of millet seeds’ thermal processing in convection – type oven
71 # 1416
Selection of the materials to coating of seeds
76 # 43
Study on the corn seed scattering process by using mechanical seed drills
77 # 34
Some strength properties of rape seeds
78 # 74
Impact of chamber size and mass of material on field bean (vicia faba ssp. minor) grains densification
79 # 103
The influence of selected factors and measurement procedure on the formation of coefficient of longitudinal non-uniformity at horse bean seeds sowing
8 # 1026
Analysis of the parameters of seed coat separation from the mixture originated at rape seed hulling
8 # 1032
Effect of air temperature and plant material moisture content on efficiency of no-pressure expanding of amaranth seeds
8 # 1025
Effect of pre-sowing laser biostimulation of white lupine seed on mechanical properties of crop yield
8 # 1028
Method to determine the efficiency of hulling legume plant seeds with abrasive hullers at the stage of their designing
80 # 166
Impact of the seed size on the necessary pneumatic tube length in the process of seed expansion
80 # 168
The influence of magnetic and electric fields on germination process of selected seeds of flower plants
81 # 214
Changes in impact strength of rape seeds as a result of being affected by microorganisms
81 # 182
Impact of chamber diameter and sample weight on densification of extracted rape meal
81 # 199
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on development and dynamics of matter accumulation by white lupine (Lupinus albus L.)
82 # 258
Influence of air humidity on heat exchange in the process of thermal expansion of sedes in a stream of hot air
82 # 259
Influence of air humidity on values that decide of product quality in thermal expansion of seeds in a hot air stream
82 # 242
Research of the process of vegetable seeds drying
82 # 233
Results of research on an increase of effectiveness of cleaning lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa L.)
83 # 44
An analysis of buckweat seed separation process using trieur bar-type working surfaces
86 # 320
Analysis of the surface arrangement of wheat seeds after glancing off the dispersing plate
87 # 396
Changes of non-uniformity of rape seeds sowing index as a result of some parameters and calculating procedures
87 # 395
Effect of cone flare angle at the base of spouted dryer chamber on rape seed bed aerodynamics
87 # 411
Immediate strength of seeds of two lentil subspecies (Lens culinaris Medic.)
87 # 350
The studies on the parameters of the machine for filling the elevator supplied with frequency converter
93 # 1812
An increasing effectiveness of cleaning dill seeds (Anethum graveolens L.)
93 # 1835
Impact of basic input parameters of amaranth and millet seeds expanding process in hot air stream on the reliability of their pneumatic transportation
93 # 1822
The tests of leaching process of ground red beet seeds
95 # 1931
Damages of seeds of the coarse and fine grained lentil caused by the forage harvester
96 # 1960
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on growth and cropping of seed pea grown at varying soil moisture content
99 # 2027
The impact of drying on quality of winter rape seeds
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