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100 # 2108
Computer applications for the evaluation of selected sensory parameters of agricultural and food products
126 # 2916
Thermal processing in a roaster for selected legumi-nous seeds intended for food production
129 # 2959
Changes in power equipment in the selected family farms
28 # 1583
The development of technical infrastructure in mountain and subroutine communes in the Polish Carpathian Mountains
36 # 1054
The Małopolska voivodship saturation with water supply-and-sewage disposal infrastructure in 1990-2000
45 Tom I # 1115
The technical infrastructure as element of development remedially-touristic function in Sudethian region
71 # 1410
Application of near infrared spectroscopy to determine glucose solubility in water solution
71 # 1439
Impregnation of the apples in order to getting food enriched with vitamin C
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