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103 # 2197
Barley grain drying in a chamber-roof drier
103 # 2196
Drying of wood chips in a fountain drier with cyclic bed mixing
112 # 2374
Analysis of reasons for changes in cropping of selected grass species caused by repeated tractor wheel runs
122 # 2778
Impact of humidity on physical and geometrical properties of slavic varieties of rye grains
125 # 2873
The impact of humidity on the direct energy consumption in the process of grinding rye and triticale grains
129 # 2964
Analysis of winter rye production energy consumption in ecological farms
129 # 2962
The impact of the selected factors on evenness of rye seeds sowing with drill seeders
130 # 3012
The influence of multiple tractor crossings on the growth and cropping dynamics of Lolium perenne L perennial rye-grass
130 # 3008
Using a fountain dryer for drying of couch grass runners
138 # 3243
Influence of the selected factors on the depth of sowing of rye seeds with seed drills
138 # 3253
The influence of vacuum impregnation and infrared radiation heat treatment of rye grain on energy consumption of the milling process
139 # 3262
Morphometric features of rye caryopses stored in a silo
141 # 3344
Influence of various methods of preparing rye seed for grinding on flour extract and bran content
145 # 3414
An attempt to determine impact of tractor wheels track on irregularity of rye seeds sowing
146 # 3459
The size and structure of energy inputs of ploughed and non-ploughed cultivation of hybrid rye
151 # 3588
Energy efficiency of hybrid rye cultivation in relation to the manner of soil cultivation
16 # 768
Effect of storage duration on physical properties of rye grain
16 # 780
Study on physical properties of the flours from various plant materials
45 Tom II # 1132
Energy expenditures on dried apple production in a chosen factory
51 # 1634
Nitric fertilization influence upon resistance properties of rye grain of amilo variety
60 # 1549
Influence of ray-grain temperature on grinding
60 # 1571
The compassion assessment baker’s worth wheat and rye flour
61 # 1177
The implementation of grain drying mathematical model in Symuneuron system
64 # 714
Effect of NaCl on frost resistance of winter rye cv. Amilo
69 # 839
Construction of fluid-bed equipment satisfying sanitary requirements
78 # 66
Preliminary study of the drying of yeast slurry absorbed on porous carrier in spouted dryer
78 # 68
Research on the coefficient of external friction of corn grain in humidity function
78 # 67
The mass density of cereals grain in moisture function
8 # 1030
Model studies on the effects of rye grain moisture content, duration of storage and silo "slenderness" on horizontal and vertical pressures
80 # 149
Impact of rye grain sprouting on energy consumption in comminution
86 # 317
Assessment of influence of air flow rate and density of rye grain packing on hydraulic resistance
92 # 1763
Metoda oceny efektywności energetycznej suszarek rolniczych
93 # 1858
The influenceof presowing magnetic biostimulation on cutting and compression forces of grains of new wheat-rye varieties
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