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10 # 1473
Theses and hypotheses - proving and argumentation
103 # 2179
Roofings on farms in Oborniki commune
104 # 2240
Geometrical dimensions and type of roofing vs. demand for heat in a greenhouse
104 # 2246
Regression analysis of quality changes in granular blend during mixing using the pouring method
110 # 2434
Analysis regarding the use of roof shaped inserts for mixing of granular components
118 # 2626
Roof type elements in pour mixer and quality of granular mixers
124 # 2849
Analysis of the impact of roof shaped elements on the process of multicomponent granular pattern mixing in a flow mixer
36 # 1070
Insulating and drainage geocomposites used for damp proofing of buil-dings and elements of technical infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1149
Roof materials of rural buildings in Łącko commune
71 # 1446
Evaluation of dirtiness degree and washing effectiveness of acid-proof steel surfaces
90 # 1787
Computer image analysis in the grain configuration mixing estimation (Funnel-flow system)
96 # 1955
The impact of seed dimensions on mixing process carried out in a flow mixer, using additional supportive elements
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