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118 # 2628
Modelling rheological properties of livestock meat in matlab environment
122 # 2773
Impact of humidity on rheological properties of the shredded energy grass Miscanthus giganteous
122 # 2774
Mechanical strength of the grass blade of Miscanthus giganteus
129 # 2948
The impact of dry matter content on the rheological properties of carrot juice
141 # 3341
Effect of rheological properties of the selected food liquids on the mixing power with the use of various mixers
71 # 1454
Application of the instrumental methods to evaluating the structure of half-finshed fruit products used to production of ready-to-eat food
71 # 1421
Effect of concentration on rheological properties of instant grain coffee concentrates
77 # 19
Effects of morphological diversification on the mechanical proprieties of brussels sprouts
93 # 1850
An analysis of physical property changes of semi-finished bakery products and their effect on finished product texture
93 # 1851
The stability of structural qualities of milky fermented beverages
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