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10 # 1472
Functions of the scientific committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences in research coordination and integration of the scientific community (exemplified by the Committee of Agricultural Engineering, PAS)
102 # 2116
Agroengineering calls for new challenges
102 # 2115
Integration of the Wrocław Centre with the national agricultural engineering circle
110 # 2456
Solar systems at Training and Research Centre for Renewable Energy in Ostoja
111 # 2480
The research on cross fouling in processing line of an industrial feed production plant
114 # 2511
Expenditure of labour and tractive force in energy willow plantations
115 # 2528
The use of remotely controlled flying models in agricultural engineering
122 # 2770
Research station for mechanical milking of cows
123 # 2801
Quality of education at the field of agricultural and forest engineering, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, according to its graduates
125 # 2877
The simulation of the heat flow in a stone regenerator with a randomised substrate bed
126 # 2911
Current research problems in agricultural engineering in the light of the 17th Congress of Agricultural Engineering in Quebec
130 # 2975
Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of scientific work
133 # 3024
Influence of soil moisture on its compaction by a tractor wheel
134 # 3133
Analysis of factors in the decision process of purchasing farm tractors
139 # 3286
It service of the laboratory stand for measuring soil humidity
141 # 3345
Roughness of friction pairs surface of a refrigeration compressor operating in disadvantageous conditions of exploitation
145 # 3401
Agricultural engineering in the United States of America
146 # 3435
Analysis of realization of planned technical service of farm tractors
147 # 3499
Potential of biogas yield from sorghum bicolor (Sorghum bicolor) of ród J1052 cultivar
156 # 3684
Cost optimization of blend preparation with the use of the FlexSim environment
18 # 1531
Analysis of the research film with the use of multimedia card mirovideo dc 30
31 # 1674
Application of computer technology to measuring and calculating vacuum and flow milking parameters - AKW system and GrafAKW program
31 # 1664
Learning effectiveness ofneuronal net onto needs of opinion of agricultural machine technical state
31 # 1658
The Caterpillar DATA View hardware and software applied to research ofmachines and tractors
51 # 1619
Quo venis quo vadis, agricultural engineering
62 # 704
An intranet database system enhancing research management within agricultural engineering
68 # 1387
Information system based on .NET and XML technologies for managing the research in agricultural engineering
70 # 1217
Analysis of rotary ripper main constructional and operating parameter impact on unit fuel consumption
78 # 59
Research Methodology of Tractor Aggregate Functioning Process in aspect of improving its work effectiveness
82 # 230
Migration of air into isothermic truck body during opening of the door
82 # 272
Wear of chosen material combinations in food fats (in the combination: three rolls – cone)
86 # 289
Going back to the university
87 # 373
The method of tractor drive wheel rolling resistance coefficient estimation
90 # 1799
Database as a research tool used in technologies of crops production
90 # 1802
The level of operating a personal computer skill and usable software knowledge amongst students of the Faculty Agricultural and Forest Technology
94 # 1867
Use of image recognition algorithm in scientific research based on „Ziemniak-99” software
95 # 1897
Agricultural engineering – present status and chances for development
95 # 1903
Present status and development trends for technical infrastructure in the borough of Biecz
95 # 1898
Scientific committees of PAN in development of agricultural engineering scientific research personnel
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