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100 # 2096
Methodology for small wind power plant testing
100 # 2095
The idea and construction of a ground heat exchanger as an element of dwelling-house ventilation system
102 # 2151
Analysis of the costs of thermal energy production in a local boiler house using biomass
102 # 2128
The willow Salix viminalis as a source of renewable energy, exemplified by plantations established in the Kłodzko Valley
119 # 2668
Economic profitability of using heat pump as the heat source for residential building in the country
123 # 2835
Use of straw for energy purposes in the Opole province
130 # 3004
The expected possibilities of using energy potential of the renewable energy sources for the selected region of warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship
132 # 3109
Sugar beets used for traditional purposes and for energy. An economic comparison
136 # 3158
Heat surplus storage in polyethylene tunnel type greenhouses – the rock-bed accumulator concept
136 # 3166
Storing heat surplus from a plastic tunnel in a rock - bed storage
137 # 3217
Analysis of using renewable energy in rural farms
137 # 3201
Heat storage in rock-bed accumulator - preliminary results
140 # 3308
Potential of using renewable energy sources and plans for future in ecological farms in farmers'opinions
150 # 3571
Analysis of photovoltaic cells usage in a household
151 # 3590
Development of renewable energy sources in the Northern Black Sea Coast
154 # 3661
Technical and economical aspects of biogas production from agricultural sources including Polish conditions
19 # 1018
Utilization of the straw for energetic purposes on an example of a boiler-plant in zielonki
28 # 1582
Renewable energy in forming of technical and communal infrastructure of the countryside
36 # 1064
Utilisation of renevable energy resources in agricultural communes
45 Tom I # 1120
Renewable energy in communal energy planning
52 # 787
Energetic resources of wind in Lublin region for agricultural purposes
56 # 524
Energetic and ecological aspects of utilizing secondary heat the air from livestock building ventilation system
61 # 1171
Farm building with a positve energy balance
61 # 1161
Relational model of integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
66 # 1280
Mathematical model of the integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
74 # 1228
Model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energetic carriers of agricultural origin. Part 1. Model of a relational system
74 # 1233
Operational tests of hybrid electric power supply system using backup, transmission and data processing system
78 # 69
Economical and energy aspects of exploitation of energy roof
86 # 296
Calculating the area of the power willow plantation using the "Plantene" program
86 # 337
Potential to use renevable energy sources in a selected individual farm
88 # 422
Determining the volume of willow stems salix viminalis
89 # 1471
Modelowanie zintegrowanych systemów ogrzewania na obszarach wiejskich
95 # 1899
Concept for substitution of primary energy by renewable energy obtained from waste biomass in a selected agricultural farm
96 # 1935
Methodology of an eco-energy programme for selected administrative area, taking into account renewable energy from agricultural sources
97 # 1979
The use of biomass for production of electric energy and heat in the Czech Republic
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