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104 # 2255
Assessment technique and statistic modelling of the degree of potato damage caused by Colorado beetle
104 # 2246
Regression analysis of quality changes in granular blend during mixing using the pouring method
108 # 2365
Regression modelling of the process involving wheat seed humidity change during storage
115 # 2527
Using regression model to predict technical condition of plough swivel mechanism
136 # 3173
Analysis of the course of an automatic dosing process of the chosen poultry fodder ingredients in industrial conditions
137 # 3210
Analysis of the course of a dosing process of the fodder elements
145 # 3421
Data preprocessing effect on the quality of short-term forecast of electricity demand
154 # 3657
Optimization of structural and technological parameters of a fermentor for feed heating
21 # 471
Application of logistic regression to investigate the indices of technical advancement
45 Tom II # 1156
Models of infrastructure development in the contex of economic structure of rural areas
69 # 840
Analyses of measuring the velocity of fluid rotating in whirling-settling vat
70 # 1187
Predicting of combine harvester transmission unit mechanical state using the regression model
71 # 1460
Comparison of electric energy generation within 1995-2002 in selected provinces
71 # 1461
Effect of micronizatroion on the activity of everlasting pea neurotoxin determined by using of bromocresol purple index (BCPI)
74 # 1245
Application of the "Experiment planner" computer program to the process identification for discrimination of components in bulbs and stones mixture
80 # 158
Methodological conditions of determination of purpose function while choosing machinery and equipment for agricultural production
81 # 221
Modelling of variability and stability phases of the combustion process in internal combustion engines
82 # 255
Application of an analysis of main components in a research of the influence of moistening of yellow lupin seeds of radames variety on their size
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