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104 # 2229
Situation of agriculture in the Opolskie Region in the context of agricultural-food industry requirements
28 # 1601
Investigation of multi stage, on-site wetland type wastewater treatment plant located in mountain farm at Muszynka
28 # 1590
Organization the Silesian country with technical infrastructure
28 # 1586
Risk and barriers in infrastructure range of countries regions
33 # 636
Regional distribution of legume crops in Western Pomerania
41 # 560
Analysis of a settlement network as a basis to develop transformation plans for rural regions
45 Tom I # 1116
Attempt at an assessment of assistant policy for rural infrastructure development in the eve of integration with the European Union
45 Tom I # 1091
Determination of soil-water erosion in mountain basin with agricultural land use
45 Tom I # 1117
The proecological investment's processes risk management in country regions
45 Tom II # 1156
Models of infrastructure development in the contex of economic structure of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1134
Multifunctional rural development in market offer
90 # 1775
Informaton system used in agricultural advisory service in the conntry
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