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102 # 2129
Comparative analysis of functionality and usability of selected types of milking apparatuses in the case of simultaneous and alternating milking
105 # 2284
The research on dependence between operating costs of farm tractors, machines and equipment and time of their annual utilization on the example of gully emptiers
107 # 2291
Criteria applied to rate habilitation procedures carried out in the scope of a new system
107 # 2330
The impact of humidity on grain loss and damage during combine harvesting of crops
108 # 2347
Analysis of the work quality of the belt seeder during the onion seeds sowing
118 # 2636
Tractor use monitoring – wirelss data transmision
122 # 2782
Analysis of sifting of carrot seeds through sieves of the vibrating screen
126 # 2908
Influence of the S071 Kruk seeder operating parameters on the distribution of cucumber seeds in a row
136 # 3161
Influence of air pressure in a vibrator on selected technological parameters of a chute dispenser during supply of beetroot seeds
141 # 3338
Description of the screen with two vibrators synchronised concurrently
141 # 3322
Investigation of a laboratory gutter feeder driven by a vibrating motor
141 # 3326
Specific properties of compressor oil in refriga-rating systems
145 # 3429
Analysis of profitability of maize production desig-nated for silage as a substrate for a biogas plant
147 # 3496
Research on efficiency of passing seeds through a sieve in the vibrating calibrator
149 # 3540
Determination of the possibility of selecting pea seeds designated for sowing with the use of differences in external friction coefficients
150 # 3563
Operating costs and the use of manufacturing capacities of the machinery park in organic farms
150 # 3564
Replacement value of farm buildings and costs of their operation in organic farms
151 # 3599
Flax seed separation with vibrating screens
152 # 3613
Automatic indexing of information resources concerning agriculture in Polish
155 # 3671
Increase of seed cleaning efficiency by better use of air stream properties
21 # 508
Improving the method to determine the load of potato harvesting machines
31 # 1677
Model of dry substance decreases in process of onion heat treatment
33 # 641
The influence of a Simon harvester's operational parameters on the quality of carrot roots harvesting
36 # 1079
The effect of new act on natural environment use on economic situation of water utilities
53 # 580
Assessment of dynamic condition of ventilators
60 # 1552
Experimental identification of refrigeration-system performance in the process of impingement
60 # 1579
Influence of the solution initial concentration on the overall heat-transfer coefficient in an evaporator with a rising fluid film
60 # 1567
Strength properities of new products obtained on the basis of prepared grains of cereals and seeds
60 # 1561
The effects of material bulk and chamber diameter of parameters of wheat-grain thickening
66 # 1279
The model of an associated energy source in food processing industry
69 # 859
Power consumption of a screw agitatorused in an evaporating crystallizer
70 # 1190
Determination of economic boundaries for functional usage of machine sets on the example of ploughing unit
87 # 400
The effect of mineral fertilization unit utilization on unit operating costs
93 # 1861
An analysis of eefect of selected structure-generating factors on the quality of bi-fertal products
93 # 1860
Changes in texture of selected meat products as a function of the type of used additional substance
99 # 2059
Balance roughness as the criterion for assessment of technical condition of engine crankshafts in farm tractors
99 # 2030
Using of artificial neural networks to assess credit ratings of farmers – clients of a leasing company
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