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100 # 2113
The air temperature in a space of inventory buildings which are exposed on sunny radiation
103 # 2211
Preliminary analysis of photosynthetic active radiation in the area of the training and research centre in Ostoja
104 # 2236
The impact of microwave field on change dynamics of potato tuber mass and temperature
108 # 2343
Searching for dependencies between selected biometric characteristics of potato tubers and microwave radiation
110 # 2456
Solar systems at Training and Research Centre for Renewable Energy in Ostoja
110 # 2426
The impact of potato tuber exposure to microwave radiation on content of some biochemical compounds and dry matter
115 # 2564
Construction and operation of corn seed humidity sensor using near-infrared radiation
117 # 2568
Reaction of potato plants irradiated with microwaves to simulated drought stress
121 # 2742
Ecological Aspects of Using Solar Radiation Energy in Animal Production
122 # 2769
Formation of the increase in biomass of potato plants irradiated with microwaves
125 # 2867
Employing a wavelet transform to filter quick change components of solar radiation intensity curve
130 # 2987
Analysis of the variability of solar energy conversion for a flat solar collector
145 # 3402
Impact of ultraviolet radiation on the growth, development and cropping of potatoes (initial research)
151 # 3598
Impact of thermal treatment of grass pea on the content of selected chemical components
16 # 783
Experimental studies on infrared radiation drying of apples
21 # 494
Functioning of photovoltaic cell battery under winter conditions in the central-eastern region of Poland
52 # 790
Electromagnetic fields in the countryside
67 # 934
Feasibility study of physical methods for treating potato bulb diseases resulting from storage
67 # 923
Influence of solar radiation on heat consumption in film tunnel
68 # 1405
Prediction of solar radiation sums for solar energy conversion systems
70 # 1209
Object structure and equipment impact on inside air temperature changes caused by solar radiation
70 # 1212
Theoretical grounds solar energy thermal conversion from point of view of usable heat in liquid collectors
74 # 1272
The neurals model of daily prediction of solar radiation
81 # 183
Effectiveness of solar radiation conversion in a solar collector in function of heating medium flow speed
81 # 187
The influence of microwave radiation on the preservation constancy of potato tubers
82 # 228
Temperature changes in bean seeds heated with infrared radiation
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
94 # 1870
Effect of microwave stimulation of seed potatoes on growth and development of descendant plants
97 # 1988
Absorber efficiency in function of ambient temperature and operating parameters of liquid collector
99 # 2048
Determination of relation between potato tuber resistance to mechanical damage and size of microwave radiation dose
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