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102 # 2129
Comparative analysis of functionality and usability of selected types of milking apparatuses in the case of simultaneous and alternating milking
102 # 2141
The effects of the pulsation system and collector capacity on pressure parameters in the under-teat chamber
103 # 2206
Analysis of the impact of disturbances on selected milking parameters in a pipeline milking machine
107 # 2307
Representation of pulsation trajectory using artificial intelligence methods
119 # 2680
Microprocessor control system for the pulsation of machined cow milking
120 # 2719
Analysis of selected parameters of simulated machined milking for alternate and simultaneous pulsation, using milking apparatuses with unconventional profiles of teat rubber core sections
121 # 2751
Total and irregular negative pressure fluctuations in selected points of pipeline milker installation
122 # 2771
Computer modelling and simulation of the frequency of pulsations in the milking apparatus
125 # 2866
Methodology of testing selected metrological properties of thermoanemometric milk flow indicators with the use of the microprocessor technique
131 # 3066
Self-organizing fuzzy modelling with data clustering methods
133 # 3054
Influence of disturbance in vacuum installation of milking machine on the parameters of selected pulsators
78 # 78
Comparisons of cow’s milking ability during mechanical milking with clusters with simultaneous and alternate pulsation
78 # 85
The effect of milker work parameters on vacuum fluctuations in milking clusters for sheep
78 # 77
Vacuum stability in clusters working in alternate and simultaneous milking system for different of milking machines
79 # 98
Models of back flow in a short milk tube of the cluster working during simultaneous and alternate pulsation
79 # 97
The comparison of the most important parameters of milking during simultaneous and alternate pulsation
90 # 1773
Functional qualities of the intelligent cluster
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