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149 # 3542
Evaluation of the efficiency of removing protein deposits from various surfaces by foam cleaning
149 # 3543
Ultrasound application for removal of protein impurities from piping elements
151 # 3598
Impact of thermal treatment of grass pea on the content of selected chemical components
60 # 1562
Reological properties of myofibril protein gels from soniified beef
64 # 713
Connection between the content of nitrogen compound in potato tubers and their susceptibility to mechanical damage
69 # 838
Releasing the proteins from yeast cells Saccharomyces cerevisiae
81 # 210
Technological quality of rape seeds coming from experiments on varieties and fertilizers
87 # 367
Utilization of ANN to determine wheat grain hardness
93 # 1852
Nutrition effect on chemical composition of carp meat
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