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10 # 1497
Scientific-technical progress and its effectiveness versus labour consumption in agricultural production on the mountain farms
109 # 2384
Farmers’ education and age versus scientific-technological progress index
110 # 2435
Land and labour productivity in selected European Union countries
110 # 2436
Scientific and technological progress and its social and ecological effects
115 # 2538
The scientific and technological progress and soil and labour productivity in agriculture
123 # 2811
Engineering and technology of transport and technical progress in agricultural production
123 # 2823
Farm size vs. scientific and technical progress and efficiency of labour and soil in selected collective farms of the Opole Province
123 # 2824
Methodical aspects of determination of scientific and technical progress in macro- and microeconomic tests
125 # 2876
Ecological and social consequences of scientific and technological progress in agriculture
139 # 3279
Progress and effectiveness in relation to the size of farms and production orientation in agricultural farms of Małopolskie Region
156 # 3682
Methodological notes concerning determination of the scientific and technical progress rate and its efficiency
19 # 999
Effectiveness of scientific-technical progress on selected farms localizedin in the southern Poland
31 # 1691
Model of translation motion tools dynamics
45 Tom I # 1083
The civilian progress of the Małopolska village - the preferences and expectations of their young inhabitants
51 # 1640
Discrimination analisys as an evaluation tool for the influence selected factors upon the technical progress efficiency in agriculture
51 # 1617
Environment-friendly progress
52 # 804
Scientific and technical progress and the grain harvest efficiency
56 # 530
Equipment of polish agriculture with technical means of production - actual state and prognosis of development until 2020
56 # 531
Formation of the future model of agricultural engineering
63 # 1320
Consequences of scientific progress in agriculture
67 # 936
Comparison of various variants of determining – efficiency of scientific and technical progress
77 # 38
Barriers of implementation of farms with modern dairy technologies
78 # 71
The amount of work while transporting loose materials depends on the means of transport used
85 # 46
The technical progress parallel to the efficiency of the substitution of the human work by the objectivized work in the agriculture
86 # 312
Transport works versus technological progress in selected technologies of corn growing
87 # 388
Empirical verification of methodical guidelines for determination of progress and its efficiency
87 # 387
Methodical aspects for determining scientific and technical progress in agriculture
94 # 1881
Facilitation of plant production vs. scientific-technical progress and its effectiveness in selected agricultural farms
95 # 1913
Production trend vs. technical effectiveness of agricultural farm modernization
97 # 1993
Comparison of technological progress and management efficiency indexes for farms in different borough types
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