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100 # 2109
The use of image processing methods to evaluate the fat content of pork
105 # 2263
Computer systems support for conducting internal audits in food processing enterprises
108 # 2359
Biomass versus agriculture
114 # 2484
Agroengineering against a background of transformations in agriculture and industry
114 # 2503
Automatic valuation of the spraying quality on the basis of drops traces using the computer image analysis
118 # 2632
Conversion of digital images into the form of teaching sets for the purposes of neural modelling
132 # 3112
Verifying the properties of grass haylage from anaerobic processing
133 # 3029
Influence of winter wheat production costs and taxes on the price of the produced bioethanol
138 # 3234
Purification of quinoa grain mass with the use of a scarifier
141 # 3349
Efficiency of pressing oil from rape seeds
141 # 3344
Influence of various methods of preparing rye seed for grinding on flour extract and bran content
141 # 3333
Intensification of the process of pressing juices of the selected root vegetables with the use of the freezing technique
145 # 3421
Data preprocessing effect on the quality of short-term forecast of electricity demand
147 # 3472
Assessment of the operation quality of the corn cobs and seeds processing line
152 # 3627
The use of the Scilab software with a RTAI extension for prototyping a temperature controller of the thermal biomass processing installation
16 # 782
Energetic characteristics of beef steak thermal processing
16 # 757
Investigation of meat products heating and cooling processes
18 # 1512
The use of geostatical methods for processing penetrometer data
56 # 528
Developing perspectives for technologies utilizing renewable energy sources in Ukraine
60 # 1580
Fundamental analysis of the impact of food processing plants on the environment
62 # 700
Analysis and classification of dried vegetables’ images with utilization of artificial neural networks
68 # 1376
Application of computer image processing to determine the physical properties to potato tubers
69 # 857
Influence of thermostatic processing on changes in texture of carrot subjected to thermal treatment by different methods
69 # 852
Sensory evaluation of cereal products which were applied to hydro-thermal and thermal processing
71 # 1431
Indicators of water, steam and electric energy specific consumption in selected processes of vegetable processing
71 # 1470
Sensory assessment of the bars produced of processed cereal grains
8 # 1037
Representation of operation and maintenance knowledge in an advisory system on an example of food processing industry equipment
82 # 243
Use of physical properties of fish raw materials in the development of processing equipment
93 # 1840
Legal bases of production and putting on the market of liquid biofuels and rape resources
94 # 1890
Business intelligence systems
99 # 2067
An analysis of energy and water consumption volumes in herb processing plant
99 # 2069
Production organisation at dispatch-handling timber yard, which additionally manufactures simple wood products
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