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114 # 2507
Probabilistic models of spatial phenomena in agriculture
18 # 1516
Principles of planning of logging technologies with application of computer techniques
62 # 699
Assessment of effectiveness of the neural prediction based on selected methods exemplified by distribution of agricultural products
62 # 705
The analysis of assumptions for modeling sugar beet crop with utilization of artificial neural networks
68 # 1360
Comparison of algorithms to education of unidirectional neural network, with time-lag, used to predicting values of atmospherical air temperature
68 # 1405
Prediction of solar radiation sums for solar energy conversion systems
68 # 1392
Prediction of sugar beet yields with the use of neural network techniques
68 # 1395
Using the neural networks for prediction of biotechnological process parameters
74 # 1272
The neurals model of daily prediction of solar radiation
90 # 1790
Neural Network as a tool enabling prediction of water demand in agricultu
90 # 1793
Prognose of the content of the sugar in roots of sugar-beet with utilization of the techniques regression and neural
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