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102 # 2162
Energy losses in a flat-plate solar collector
102 # 2134
Modelling of the parameters of flow in a sun collector-driven jet pump ventilation system
102 # 2132
The effect of a confusor on the power of a wind power plant placed inside a piping enclosure
103 # 2180
Determination of the demand for effective power of a flywheel shredding unit equipped with extra working elements
103 # 2201
The impact of tubular housing geometrical parameters on power output of wind power plant
103 # 2223
The impact of working parameters of multifunctional cultivation and maintenance tool on service loads
107 # 2327
Example of water energy use in the territory of northern Poland
107 # 2296
Modification of ventilation system in harvester operator’s cab in the aspect of maintaining standard noise level at the operator’s workplace
107 # 2316
Reduction of cut frequency and use of additional chopping direction to decreasing of energetic loading of chopping unit
108 # 2354
Assessment of energy willow harvest carried out using power scythe
110 # 2437
Power demand during shredding of plant biomass for briquette production
114 # 2519
Voltage fluctuations in rural electric power networks
120 # 2722
Analysis of work parameters for two modern turbocharged engines
120 # 2708
Work analysis for a model of a slow-speed wind power plant installed in a confusor converging cone
121 # 2728
Noise level reduction in the process involving pneumatic transport of sugar using a truck-tractor compressor
121 # 2729
Noise propagation in the process involving pneumatic transport of sugar using a truck-tractor compressor
122 # 2793
Analysis of indicators characterising the quality of voltage in rural power networks
123 # 2813
Energy efficiency of biomass production from a 3-year-old willow
125 # 2885
Farmstead wind power plant - the source of inexpensive electric energy
126 # 2902
Comparison of statistical methods employed to examine the impact of nitrogen fertilisation on strength characteristics of rye grain
129 # 2959
Changes in power equipment in the selected family farms
129 # 2956
Theoretical analysis of energy yield for silicon photovoltaic cells in solar conditions in Małopolska Region
130 # 3005
Problem statement of wind energy issues on the farm
130 # 3004
The expected possibilities of using energy potential of the renewable energy sources for the selected region of warmińsko-mazurskie voivodeship
130 # 2999
The influence of power transmission poles located on the field on operational indicators of machine units
131 # 3069
Selected production indexes and level of equipment as well as the power of a machinery park of agricultural farms
134 # 3120
Selected aspects of energy use in agriculture
136 # 3168
Unit effective power required for cutting biogas energy plants
137 # 3192
Operation analysis of various blades profiles of a wind power plant propeller
138 # 3230
Analysis of the meat tumbler drive power components
139 # 3257
Assessment of the impact of pressure inside tyres on their traction properties on the selected forest bed
139 # 3256
Energy assessment of cooperation of tractor tyres with agricultural beds of varied density degrees
139 # 3273
Influence of the power installed in farm tractors on the size of plant production in ecological farms
139 # 3298
Wind power stations as a form of increasing the farm income
143 # 3362
Modification of the outside characteristics of a diesel engine by means of change of fuel injection parameters
143 # 3356
Theoretical assessment of power transmission in a tractor exploited on various grounds
145 # 3395
Analysis of the impact of the selected profiles of rotor blades on the power generated by mini power wind plant
146 # 3432
Assessment of impact of soil properties change and vertical wheel load on traction properties of the selected radial tyre
146 # 3436
Assessment of possibility of improving traction properties through change of tyre pumping pressure
147 # 3477
Assessment of energy losses of a drive wheel equipped with grass type tyres
147 # 3471
Assessment of reaction of tyres with different external dimensions on the change of vertical load
147 # 3507
Power installed and balance of nutrients in the selected ecological farms
149 # 3536
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD as an innovative tool for stimulating the smoke drying process and for modeling the construction elements of a smoke-drying chamber
151 # 3601
Analysis of the electric power distribution systems on the rural areas of central Poland
156 # 3680
Analysis of the power flux in the tractor wheel-farming ground system
21 # 494
Functioning of photovoltaic cell battery under winter conditions in the central-eastern region of Poland
31 # 1673
Optimization of the selection of the engageable mechanical ratio in a continuous variable powersplit tractor transmission
31 # 1690
The selected problems conceming application of wind energy - net information system
36 # 1047
Long-term forecasting of elektroenergetic needs in rural communies
45 Tom I # 1113
Thermal parameters analysis of internal partitions as to the share in the building body
45 Tom II # 1148
Application of fuzzy clustering to comparative analysis of a failure frequency of rural distribution networks
45 Tom II # 1152
Calculating of load in the rural low voltage power networks
52 # 793
Consumption and cost of electricity and heal related to fruit drying in "Leśniczanka" dryer depending of energy carrier
52 # 787
Energetic resources of wind in Lublin region for agricultural purposes
52 # 789
Possibilities of processing and using wind energy in polish agriculture
61 # 1180
Inlet-outlet flow streams direction and the air movement in the porker zone
61 # 1176
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of waste from agricultural farm on the example of a community
63 # 1343
Influence of mounted plough operation on the economy of tractor engine
66 # 1288
Applications of Virginia fanpetals (sida hermaphrodita) in power industry
66 # 1304
Effect of some factors on the amount and structure of electric power consumption in rural households
66 # 1312
Efficiency of heat pump with spiral compressor
67 # 946
Heat consumption in garden frazes
69 # 859
Power consumption of a screw agitatorused in an evaporating crystallizer
70 # 1210
Experience from mechanization of planting and cultivation of power willow
77 # 1
Environment integration is the condition of agricultural engineering development
78 # 65
Energy expenditure and production specialization and the farm size
86 # 318
Assumptions to the computation aid program calculating demand for biomass for heating purposes in the farmstead
86 # 296
Calculating the area of the power willow plantation using the "Plantene" program
86 # 304
Level and dynamics of changes in outfit and usage of farm tractors on family farmsteads
87 # 359
Economic and power efficiency of soybean production technology in Polish conditions
87 # 375
The investigations on watt-hour efficiency of pressure homogenizer’s power transmission system
88 # 442
Chainsaw harvest of power willow
88 # 422
Determining the volume of willow stems salix viminalis
88 # 436
Effect of owner's age on power installed in the farmsteads
88 # 421
Method of determining resistance of cutting power willow shoots
88 # 455
Power and material outlays in the aspect of well-balanced farm production
93 # 1834
The energy aspectsof sonification of carrot dried material
94 # 1869
Evaluation of economic effectiveness and power consumption for farming of winter rapeseed and winter wheat utilized for biofuel production
94 # 1865
Methods to lower noise level in agricultural tractor cabin – selection of insulating material structures
94 # 1883
Use of power resource in consumer milk and dairy derivative product processing
95 # 1925
Analysis of power supply voltage quality in rural farms
95 # 1912
Period of operation and use of utilities in family farms
95 # 1920
Power consumption during production of plum butter
96 # 1935
Methodology of an eco-energy programme for selected administrative area, taking into account renewable energy from agricultural sources
97 # 1985
Energy analysis for lower heat sources of heating pump while heating a plastic tunnel
99 # 2042
Influence of the working clearance of the flywheel chopping unit on the chopping quality and energetic of corn plants
99 # 2063
The impact of harvester technical and operating parameters on selected energy indicators during carrot root harvesting
99 # 2015
The impact of soil loosening depth on the demand of power for driving the gramegna shoveling machine
99 # 2041
The impact of the design of flywheel feeder beater blades in cutting unit on the quality and energy consumption of maize plant shredding process
99 # 2068
The impact of work technique during timber cutting on vibrations and forces on I.C.E.-powered sawing machine grips
99 # 2057
Timber hardness impact on the level of vibrations in I.C.E.-powered sawing machine grips during cutting
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