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111 # 2478
Cohesion properties of selected food powders
141 # 3347
Production of sodium caseinate solution with the use of a stator-rotor stirrer in a laboratory mixer without partitions
153 # 3638
Innovations in the structure of plant material pelletizers
60 # 1546
Effect of agglomeration in fluidized bed on physical proprieties of selected mixtures of food powders with protein and carbohydrate
60 # 1570
Humidity measurements of food powders by dielectric non-contact method
69 # 872
Instability in movement of the powder in the rotational drum as a measure of its flowability
71 # 1415
Efect of agglomeration in fluidized bed on flowability of some powdered protein-carbohydrate food mixtures
71 # 1438
Sorptive properties of selected food powder mixtures of protein-carbohydrrate composition
78 # 64
Adsorption kinetics of water vapour by agglomerates of selected mixtures of food powders
78 # 52
The influence of agglomeration in fluidized bed on particles shape of choosen food powders
79 # 92
Programming water sorption properties of cocoa instant powder with superposition application
82 # 254
Influence of agglomeration and raw material composition on projection property of particulars of mixes of food powders
93 # 1849
The influence of agglomeration on flow properties of pulverized baby food
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