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102 # 2138
A method for determining the porosity coefficient of cellular materials
102 # 2139
Modelling of changes in the properties of the sublimationdried horseradish tissue structure
110 # 2439
Timber skidding effect on selected physical and mechanical properties of forest soil
138 # 3233
Influence of porosity on textural properties of wheat extrudates
141 # 3352
Effect of the pores distribution in transverse section on textural property of cereal extrudate
16 # 765
Changes in external and internal structure of amaranth seeds occuring at their pressureless expanding
18 # 1523
The changes in density and internal structure of celery in the course of dehydration
21 # 490
Cone penetration method to determine density distribution in soil profile
66 # 1295
Assaying porosity of seed beds using computer-aided analysis of image
77 # 31
The influence of agglomeration conditions in fluid bed on density and porosity granulates
77 # 30
The influence of agglomeration in mechanically generated fluid bed on density and porosity of modeled food powders
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
96 # 1952
The effect of oats grain porosity on air flow resistance
99 # 2049
Influence of dried method of the mechanical and acoustic properties of dried carrot
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