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1 # 969
Effects of new fertilization technique on mechanical damages and yield of potato tubers
1 # 968
Impact of New cultivation technique on arising mechanical damages of potato tubers during mechanized harvesting
10 # 1476
Response of red clover on compaction with the tractor wheeling
10 # 1479
Technology of winter rape cultivation in aspect of gained yields and financial inputs
100 # 2097
Energetic effectiveness of willow cultivation under various soil conditions
102 # 2168
Reaction of raspberry on varied nitrogen fertilization and drop irrigation
102 # 2123
The evaluation of simplified tillage in aspect of yields per acre, energy- and labor-consumption
103 # 2202
Raspberry reaction to diversified fertilization with nitrogen, and drop irrigation
103 # 2215
The impact of crop residue left on field surface on soil preparation for malt barley sowing
105 # 2289
Application of GIS in visualization of soil parameters spatial distribution in relation with the yield
107 # 2306
Improvement of the method used to assess energy willow crop
108 # 2349
Relation between distribution of potatoes under shrub and the number, structure and mass of tubers
108 # 2370
The impact of intercropping of lentil with supporting plant on cropping and characteristics of plants belonging to this species, which are important during combine harvest
110 # 2445
Evaluation of crops and losses during harvest of sugar beet roots in years 2005-2007
112 # 2374
Analysis of reasons for changes in cropping of selected grass species caused by repeated tractor wheel runs
114 # 2498
The impact of selected agrotechnical factors on the quantitative characteristics of potato tuber crop
115 # 2561
Operation quality analysis for potato cleaning roller separator
117 # 2568
Reaction of potato plants irradiated with microwaves to simulated drought stress
119 # 2672
The impact of repeated tractor runs on growth dynamics and crop-ping of timothy grass
120 # 2720
Testing a cylinder cleaning separator in process mixture separation conditions during potato tuber sorting process
123 # 2830
Economic analysis of the cultivation of topinambour to be used for fuel
124 # 2847
The impact of microwave radiation at different frequencies on weight of seed potato germs and crop of potato tubers
125 # 2889
Methodical and practical aspects of mapping the spatial and temporal trends of yields
125 # 2890
Validation of the ZeaSoft decision support system – yield models
126 # 2923
Evaluation of the dynamics of changes in average sugar content in sweet corn kernels by multivariate growth curves method
129 # 2936
Evaluation of sugar beet crops in the aspect of employed production technology and farm location
130 # 3012
The influence of multiple tractor crossings on the growth and cropping dynamics of Lolium perenne L perennial rye-grass
133 # 3032
Influence of stubble intercrop growing on spring barley production profitability
136 # 3179
Tramline effect on yield of crops
137 # 3191
Evaluation of cultivation systems in relation to fuel consumption, plants cropping and soil properties
139 # 3283
Influence of mineral fertilizer and compost on yield and chemical composition with willow
140 # 3312
Impact of the applied sprayers in leaf fertilization on the size and quality of timothy grass seeds crop (Phleum pratense L.)
145 # 3403
Fuel consumption in soil tillage depending on its simplification and previous crop in the crop rotation
145 # 3402
Impact of ultraviolet radiation on the growth, development and cropping of potatoes (initial research)
146 # 3447
Effects of early potatoes cultivation under cover
146 # 3455
Energy assesment of spring wheat cultivation technology
146 # 3443
Evaluation of yield, chemical composition and quality of tubers of medium early, medium late and late starch potato cultivars
151 # 3602
Application reporting yield forecasts of selected crops in Poland
151 # 3588
Energy efficiency of hybrid rye cultivation in relation to the manner of soil cultivation
152 # 3616
Response of the selected varieties of common osier (Salix Viminals) to organic and mineral fertilization in light soil
152 # 3622
The influence of technological factors on growth, development and yield of common bean varieties
155 # 3674
Cultivation technology and grass and legume plants yield in various conditions of soil moisture
16 # 777
Effect of pre-sowing seed treatment with magnetic field on the yields of sugar beets, Kalwia and Polko cultivars
18 # 1517
Influence of planting mechanism on distribution uniformity and yield of potatoes
19 # 1003
Effect of potato tuber load in bulk on their mechanical resistance
19 # 990
Effect of presowing laser biostimulation of faba bean seeds on physico-chemical properties of successive faba bean yields
21 # 513
Influence of french bean plant characteristics on selected indices of pod harvesting quality
21 # 492
Influence of proecological manuring technique on the quality of potato tuber yield
21 # 474
Preliminary estimation of transport utilization in the forests on an example of forestry transport division in Gorzów Wielkopolski
21 # 472
The costs of winter rape production
3 # 1714
Effect of cultivation technique on potato tuber yielding level and quality
31 # 1669
Computer simulation of the grain motion in combine harvester as a tool for improvement of grain yield mapping in precision agriculture
33 # 653
Effects of proecological fertilisation of potatoes
33 # 665
Efficacy of laser biostimulation of faba bean according to seed lot moisture
33 # 666
Influence of drip irrigation and minerał fertilization on the yield of ground tomato
33 # 671
Influence of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation on the yield of carrot (Daucus carota L.) grown in the very light soil
33 # 668
Reaction of dwarf bean to drip irrigation and minerał fertiiization
33 # 634
Soils, yields and fertilization demands variation within the field
35 # 903
A computer system for evaluation of a sugar beet plantation and a crop quality
35 # 905
Precision farming - soil's electrical conductivity mapping
51 # 1644
Potato agricultural technology leyer eyelauation in Ksiaz Wielki commune
51 # 1628
Properties of internal potato bulbs resulting from agrotechnical properties
53 # 594
Assessment of microwave stimulation of potato bulbs
61 # 1167
New technology of the potatoes production - the bed tillage
62 # 705
The analysis of assumptions for modeling sugar beet crop with utilization of artificial neural networks
62 # 698
Yield monitoring and mapping methods for green maize harvesting with the trailed forage harvester
62 # 701
Yield monitoring of grass based on plant material layer thickness measured between the rear feeding rolls of the trailed forage harveste
63 # 1350
Influence of irrigation and mineral fertilization of two strawberry cultivars on yield and crop quality
64 # 731
Influence of rainfall, sprinkler irrigation and nitrogen dose on yield and nitrate content in tubers of potato cv. ‘Mila’
64 # 726
Influence of under-crown irrigation and mineral fertilization on peach yield and fruit quality
64 # 725
The effect of level of soil hydratation on the content ofnitrogen compounds in the yield of new zealand spinach
64 # 724
The effect of seeds stimulation by magnetic field on growth, development and dynamics of biomass accumulation in pea ( Pisum sativum L.)
67 # 941
Costs assesment of renewal of mountainous green lands
68 # 1392
Prediction of sugar beet yields with the use of neural network techniques
68 # 1375
Set of the equipment to mapping grain yield mountedon a combine harvester
69 # 856
Influence of potato growing technology on the crop structure
7 # 1715
lmproving the quality of yield maps in technology of precision agricutture
70 # 1224
Variable rate application of fertilizers in growing winter wheat with use of yield maps
74 # 1247
Method for statistical processing of raw yield data in modeling and visualization of yield maps
78 # 49
Agrotechnical and economical effects of simplified soil cultivation for potatoes
79 # 100
Changes of the physical properties of soil as a result of cultivation without ploughing
81 # 208
Assessment of sugar beet varieties cultivated in the Czech Republic
81 # 224
Effect of presowing seed stimulation in magnetic field on the field emergence, yielding and technological quality of sugar beet roots
81 # 210
Technological quality of rape seeds coming from experiments on varieties and fertilizers
81 # 199
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on development and dynamics of matter accumulation by white lupine (Lupinus albus L.)
87 # 398
The effect of gymnospermous and angiospermous barley sowing concentration on crop and losses during harvesting
88 # 451
Suitability of point sowing in cultivation of selected species of leguminous plants
88 # 450
Transport outlays in the analyzed family farmsteads
90 # 1793
Prognose of the content of the sugar in roots of sugar-beet with utilization of the techniques regression and neural
91 # 1739
Differentiated nitrogenous fertilization as against yielding and selected indices of the canopy architecture of several spring wheat cultivars
91 # 1742
Effectiveness of herbicides selectivity applied in maize monoculture with of leaf area index (LAI) and mean tip angle (MTA)
91 # 1758
Production and ecological evaluation at different methods of fertilizers application in winter wheat cultivation
91 # 1755
Some physical properties of soil and yielding of crops grown with different forms of mulching and tillage
91 # 1748
The influence of herbicides on yield of selected winter wheat cultivars
95 # 1916
Estimation of caloric and mechanical properties of briquettes made of the postharvest maize mass
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
96 # 1945
Empirical verification of methods used to estimate the volume of sprouts in energy willow rootstocks
96 # 1942
Impact of alternating electric field on potato tuber growth and cropping
96 # 1944
Potato tuber cropping and susceptibility to mechanical damage related to hydrothermal coefficient
96 # 1960
The effect of magnetic stimulation of seeds on growth and cropping of seed pea grown at varying soil moisture content
99 # 2039
Analysis of mycorrhization and fertilization efficiency in the Pinus nigra pine container growing with the use of slow-release fertilizers
99 # 2055
Some environmental and production conditions concerning simplified modes of tillage
99 # 2026
The machines and devices to precise fertilization of potato and the productive effects
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