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10 # 1506
Influence of different heating systems in the nests for piglets on formation of thermal conditions
100 # 2107
Directions of main stresses and shear angle during dynamic soil cutting using a flat plate
102 # 2162
Energy losses in a flat-plate solar collector
102 # 2155
Technical aspects of the rational storage of natural fertilizers
103 # 2195
Plate granulation of wheat bran with using of yeast slurry as a bing liquids
107 # 2314
The impact of solar conditions on the effect of work of vacuum tube and flat plate solar collector
138 # 3251
Influence of time and the cleaning liquid flow velocity on the effectiveness of cleaning the plate heat exchanger
138 # 3250
Measurement of the cleaning liquid parameters during the process of cleaning the plate heat exchangers
141 # 3336
Assessment of washing efficiency in the closed circulation of the selected area in plate heat exchangers
141 # 3337
Numerical analysis of fluid flow between the plates of the plate heat exchanger
61 # 1178
The influence of local atmospheric conditions on the efficiency of liquid plate sollar collectors
74 # 1237
JSP Technology in network distributed applications applied to community real estate market
74 # 1273
The use of a neural network in modeling of a two-component granular systems’ mixing
78 # 83
Reutilization of asbestos-cement plates by using concrete coating
86 # 320
Analysis of the surface arrangement of wheat seeds after glancing off the dispersing plate
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