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100 # 2100
The use of the computer application TRACE for the evaluation of mobile object identification
105 # 2279
An attempt to determine time for agrotechnical measures at energy willow plantations using mathematical models and neural networks
108 # 2338
Assessment of insecticidal nematoda concentration in working liquid, performed using computer image analysis
108 # 2337
Uniformity of insecticidal nematoda deposition under slotted sprayer
109 # 2379
Using neural networks to count insecticidal nematoda
109 # 2378
Using the labview application to determine the survivability of insecticidal nematoda - biological plant pesticide
110 # 2419
Mixing efficiency for biological plant pesticides in spraying machine tank
125 # 2886
Decision support system for domesticated plants protection
152 # 3621
Expert systems as a tool for decision support in integrated pest management
31 # 1666
The element of cost of potato production in the decision support system for integrated plant protection
35 # 914
Internet decision support in integrated pest management in Poland
68 # 1374
Evaluation of Potential Applications of ISFET Sensors in the Food Industry
74 # 1267
Applicability of the expert system for decision support in the process of controlling pests of red beet during its vegetation
74 # 1246
Electronic system for pH measuring using ISFET type sensor
88 # 416
Assessment of survivalness of plant protective biological agents: nematodes - Steinernema feltiae sprayed by means of hydraulic nozzle
91 # 1741
Mortality of nematodes in hydraulic cyrculation of sprayer
94 # 1866
Computer aided chemical crop protection „Herbicyd-2” software program
96 # 1937
Thermal effects in spraying machine in the aspect of application of biological plant pesticides
99 # 2020
Concentration of biological plant protection agents in wheelbarrow sprayers
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